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JK Enterprise Landscape Supply, LLC is celebrating 25 years as the leading bulk and bagged mulch delivery service in northern Virginia and Maryland. Our mulches, compost, topsoils, and soil amendments are all made right here in Northern VA and are only the finest quality materials.

We work with local area farms, developers, and contractors to close the loop and repurpose agricultural and forest products for soils, compost, and mulches, eliminating the need to fill up our landfills with valuable natural resources. Annually, we repurpose approximately 1 million yards of material to create an estimated 600,000 yards of mulch and woodchips, 300,000 yards of topsoil blends, and 100,000 yards of compost.

“We focus our efforts on providing superior, natural products while actively reducing environmental impact. We value all of our customers and the integral part you play in this process. Thank you!” – Jacob A. Klitenic III, Director

Mulch Delivery – Bulk & Bagged

We deliver mulch across Northern VA and parts of MD right to your driveway. Enhance your landscapes with the highest quality products in the region.

Topsoil Delivery – Bulk & Bagged

We produce and deliver locally sourced soils and soil amendments across Northern VA and parts of MD right to your driveway.

Commercial Delivery Services

JK Enterprise Landscape Supply, LLC can efficiently deliver the products and provide the services you need to complete your next project.


JK Enterprise Landscape Supply, LLC employees shall serve and accommodate our valued clients in the most efficient, courteous, and professional manner possible, building long term relationships and exceeding expectations for quality, service and reliability.

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  • Order from the leading supplier and save.
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  • Supplies delivered right to your door.
  • Experienced sales representatives are ready and available to answer any questions.

Our Products


Available in bulk or bagged, our mulch is aged to perfection and cured to reduce weed seeds in the product. Mulch is available in a variety of colors to match your property. Mulch helps suppress weeds, moisturize your soil, and reduce compaction.

Topsoil & SOIL Amendments

Our native topsoil is sourced locally and screened to eliminate as much large material as possible. Available in bulk or bagged, this topsoil is produced to provide a nutrient-rich environment for your garden. Our leaf compost and nutrient-rich Soil Amendments will supercharge your garden.

Stone & Aggregates

From locally sourced to imported Delaware River Jack, we have the gravel, stone, and aggregates you need to make your landscaping project look great. Stone and aggregates are easy to install and will create landscapes that stand the test of time. Bulk, bagged, and palletized options available.

Wood Chips

Our natural woodchips are free of soil, leaves and twigs, so they decompose slower than most wood chip products. This bulk product is the soft insides of trees, which makes it ideal for playground bedding or creating garden pathways.

Wood Chips
Tot Lot Chips for Playgrounds


Our IPEMA Certified Engineered Wood Fiber (Tot Lot Chips) can create the ideal foundation for any play place! There are no additives or chemical treatments present in the materials. The entire wood product is free of soil and other contaminants that promote faster decomposition.

Landscape stones and Boulders

We deliver palletized rocks for walls, walkways and natural steps. Stack these stones to create a rustic retaining wall or strategically place large boulders to hide landscaping eyesores like a pump or an irrigation system.

Pavers & Wall Stones

Our pavers and wall stones are the highest quality, perfect for your dream patio or walkway. Don’t pay more for your patio, driveway, or retaining wall! Get your materials delivered to your driveway and save.


Be ready for the winter by stocking up on firewood today! Your perfectly cut firewood won’t include scraps, dirt, or bark shreds like other providers. Get a neatly palletized half cord of firewood delivered to your driveway quickly. Order firewood from our friends at Saunders Landscape Supply today.


Express Blower Truck Service

With our Express Blower Truck Service, JK Enterprise Landscape Supply, LLC can efficiently deliver and spread large quantities of organic mulch, woodchips,  and topsoil up to 10 times more efficiently than a typical five-man crew. Mulch and Topsoil can be applied in almost any weather, and there is minimal damage to the landscape compared to the high traffic of workers and wheelbarrows.

JK Enterprise Landscape Supply, LLC can efficiently deliver mulch and topsoil and provide the services you need to complete your next project.

Mulch Madness Fundraisers

JK Enterprise Landscape Supply, LLC is introducing an exciting new program for school athletic departments, non-profit organizations, or any organization that needs help raising funds. We believe we have the best program to help organizations maximize their fundraising efforts- Call 703-291-4447 (Office) or Jake Klitenic at 703-928-7793 for more information.

Our mulch has been aged to perfection, has a natural dark brown color, and is rich in nutrients. We source materials and produce our products locally. Our mulch is carefully selected from quality, clean, mixed hardwoods; therefore, your fund raising efforts help with environmental concerns since less material is sent to local landfills.

The following program will maximize your fundraising efforts since most people in the community already purchase mulch for their homes. Why not tap into ready-made community funds and also help the environment? The information that follows describes potential fundraising ideas. We stand by ready to help you meet your goals.

Private Label Mulch & Co-Bagging

Private Label and Co-bagging Mulch Service

Co-Bagging, Custom Blend & Private Label: In addition to bagging our own products, we do custom bagging for other companies as well. We can bag your private label or our Cedar Valley Landscape Products™

The JK Enterprise Process

Step 1: Measure

Assess how large an area you intend to cover with mulch, topsoil or other landscaping materials based on your project.

Step 2: Calculate

Use our Material Calculator to compute exactly how much weight you’ll need to order.

Step 3: Order

Place your order and pick your delivery window. You do not need to be home to accept delivery.

Step 4: Install

Your order will arrive at your driveway in your delivery window. Now you have the highest quality products to install and complete your project.

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