Make Over Your Backyard on a Budget

September 22, 2021
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Outdoor living is all the rage, but it would sure be more enjoyable if the landscape looked a little bit, well, put together. Not just a dreary expanse of lawn and a concrete patio. But how to do it without breaking the bank? We’ve put together some tips.

Decide the Kinds of Space You Need

Stop thinking about your backyard as “one size fits all” and start thinking about what you’ll actually use it for. Grilling? Eating? Lounging? Playing? Then designate discrete areas for each activity. Once different areas of your backyard have a purpose, it will stop feeling so empty — and you’ll have a much better idea of what each space needs.

Designate a Path

The other reason backyards can feel so empty is that they lack a path. It doesn’t matter if you need a path or not — the very fact that a path exists makes the mind think there must be something worth seeing. But don’t worry. You can put your tomato patch at the end of the path. That way there will always be a treasure waiting at the other end.

Work Vertically

With only some furniture and few low shrubs, the space can look very empty, no matter how small your backyard might be. So do something to add interest and draw the eye up. Columnar bushes, trellises, even large boulders if you have the space. They will improve the composition of the landscape a lot.

Upgrade Your Patio or Deck with Stain

Most patios and decks are strictly utilitarian, and it shows. But they don’t have to be boring and workaday. You can do amazing things with concrete stains these days, and you can even tile over it with thinset and slate if you want to.

Decks can be a bit more of a challenge to spruce up, but it’s not impossible. If the “bones” of your deck are in good condition, you can strip and stain. You can even replace the railings for an updated look at a minimal cost.

Tie It Together Professionally

What’s the difference between an unfinished-looking yard and one that looks professionally kept? Mulch. Whether in a contrasting color or a neutral grey, mulch makes your yard look finished and tidy. It has the added benefit of cutting down on weeds and reducing your watering requirements.

There you have it. 5 tips for a stunning backyard without being a spendthrift.