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May 21, 2019
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If you’re trying to get your lawn in shape, but have lots of weeds, or moss or some other problem, the following steps will help you get started.

Topsoil and Compost Problems for 2019

This year there are some considerations that aren’t typical. Since we’ve had a lot more rain than normal over the past year, we have very wet and clumpy topsoil. This is not only true for, but for all topsoil and compost providers in the mid-Atlantic.

The clumpy topsoil problem is not too much of a problem for professional landscapers. but it often presents quite a challenge for a home do-it-yourselfer. When the topsoil is really clumpy, it is very difficult to spread. As such, homeowners may find it difficult to get the material spread evenly. Professional landscapers have two things going for them. First, they have manpower. When the topsoil needs to be broken down and raked even, it helps to have an entire crew. Second, they have the right tools. Using soil spreaders can help, but they can become easily clogged. Having a commercial-grade soil spreader can really help.

This spring you can expect your topsoil delivery to be a bit moist and clumpy, so be prepared to deal with it.

With the topsoil issue aside, here are the steps you need to take to get your lawn growing great this year.

  1. De-Thatch your lawn. Thatch is the woven, un-decomposed grass and weed build-up at the very top surface of your lawn. You may want to rent a power dethatcher for this. It’s usually around $50 for a few hours and you can bang out the job much quicker than with a hand rake.
  2. Add your topsoil/orgrow/compost. A good idea is to top-dress the yard before overseeding. has several options depending on your needs. If you’re not sure what you need, give the Garden Center a call. Spread your top dressing across the yard in a thin layer – usually 1-2″. If you have depressions or low areas, you can fill them to level things out. Order Topsoil or Orgrow Here.
  3. Choose a seed that will match the growing conditions. It’s important to use a shade seed or a high sun seed to help your lawn grow best.
  4. Water. When you first plant, you’ll want to water once or twice a day as directed on your chosen seed bag.

These steps should help you grow a beautiful lawn this summer. Order your top dressing today!