Get Bulk and Bagged Mulch Delivered Direct and Save

JK Enterprise Landscape Supply, LLC produces our high-quality mulch right here in Northern Virginia. Order online or by phone and we’ll deliver right to your driveway. Click for answers to Ordering Questions or Contact Us.

Why Buy Mulch from JK?

We produce our mulch ourselves and deliver only the highest quality products. We supply many retailers in the area with our high-quality products, which means you save by having mulch delivered directly from the producer.

We cultivate a wide range of mulches that serve several different purposes, including cedar, hardwood, pine, color-enhanced, and double shredded. Order by phone or online and have the right type of mulch for you delivered directly to your home.

Our Mulch Products

Premium Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch
Our finely screened mulch is shredded twice to give your plants the best place to grow. This is the best standard mulch on the market. Available bulk or bagged.

Premium Double Shredded Cedar Mulch

Our aromatic cedar mulch lasts longer than other mulches and provides natural resistance to insects. Available bulk or bagged.

Red Color Enhanced Mulch
Same as our premium double shredded hardwood mulch, but with a long-lasting and vibrant red hue that looks great with any landscaping project. Available bulk or bagged.
Black Color Enhanced Mulch
Same as our premium double shredded hardwood mulch, but with a long-lasting and a black hue that looks great with any landscaping project. Available bulk or bagged.
Dark Brown Color Enhanced Mulch
Same as our premium double shredded hardwood mulch, but with a long-lasting and a dark brown hue that looks great with any landscaping project. Available bulk or bagged.
Pine Bark Mulch
This fine mulch is tightly matted, which makes it great at retaining moisture and suppressing weed growth in your landscape. Available bagged.
Pine Fines
Pine fines are an excellent soil additive when mixed with other products. They’ll retain moisture better and lower your soil’s PH level. Available bagged.
Pine Bark Mini Nuggets
Our Pine Bark Mini Nuggets are screened to 2”-3” in diameter. Their size and shape allow lots of airflow and slow decomposition. Available bagged.

Why Mulch Delivery?

Mulch has numerous purposes:

  • It is visually appealing
  • It serves as the finishing touch to any well-manicured garden.
  • It maintains the health of gardens, plants, and trees
  • It protects from pests, erosion, and the elements.

Its versatility and numerous advantages make it one of our most popular landscaping products.

Mulch Is Visually Appealing

Mulch is the culminating element of creating a cohesive and visually appealing yard or garden. Mulching will help your garden appear well-manicured by creating strong lines and boundaries between the many varied elements of your landscaping endeavors. It emphasizes garden beds, trees, and the other essential touchstones of your garden, accentuating your garden’s most important features.

Our color-enhanced mulch options provide you with the opportunity to shape your garden’s color spectrums and allow you to emphasize the best features and colors of your plants more emphatically. Mulch is essentially the finishing touch that you provide to your “landscape painting” – the visual created by your yard or garden’s landscaping. Mulch emphasizes the essential features of the landscape’s composition, creates clear demarcation lines between elements, and ultimately creates a clean, eye-popping image for onlookers.

Mulch also functions as a transitional element between manmade and natural landscaping features. Mulch can serve to ease the visual shift between manmade and natural elements in your garden, making your stone or concrete footpaths, concrete steps, or watering systems appear more effortlessly integrated into your landscaping design. Furthermore, mulch helps prevent weeds from growing on these features – like stepping stones, for example – because mulch suppresses weeds.

Mulch Prevents Weed Growth

Mulch isn’t just visually appealing; it serves an essential purpose in a garden by preventing weeds from growing. Through suffocation and obstruction, mulching suppresses weeds, maintaining the clean look of a weed-free garden, and keeping your plants healthy.

First, mulch acts to suffocate any weeds that have begun to germinate in your garden already. By blocking sunlight from reaching sun-hungry weeds, mulch stifles weeds’ growth and stops them from obtaining the nutrients they need to survive. Mulch will prevent the weeds that already exist in your yard or garden from overtaking new plants or landscaping features.

Second, mulch obstructs new weed sprouts from taking root in your garden. If new weed seeds travel to your garden on the breeze, they will not be able to take root in the soil and grow. Adding a 3-inch layer of mulch, it serves as a barricade against new weed growth.

For malicious weeds that seem to be undeterred by a single layer of mulch, you can use a layered approach to protect your garden from weeds. Remove all the soil from the area, and place the first layer of herbicide granules to kill deep-rooted weeds. Place weed cloth over the area, using wood chips (which decompose over time) and stakes to hold the cloth in place. Over the wood chips, place double-shredded hardwood leaf mulch (a heavier mulch) to keep everything in place. Each season, replace the top layer of hardwood leaf mulch as it decomposes. The wood chips will decompose slowly and remain in place for years.

Mulch Helps Soil Retain Moisture

Mulch creates a protective layer between soil and the elements, helping it retain moisture. A mulch layer prevents sunlight and wind from penetrating through to the topsoil, slowing evaporation and erosion.

Mulch can also help the soil retain moisture by covering a drip irrigation system or soaker hose. This will ensure that nearly all of the water that your irrigation system releases into the soil stays and allows you to control the amount of moisture your garden is receiving. It also keeps your irrigation out of sight, contributing to a cleaner visual landscape and protecting your irrigation system. Exposed irrigation systems can become damaged by UV rays, foot traffic, and the elements.

Mulch Deters Insects

Certain types of mulch are incredibly functional as they prevent troublesome insects from defiling your garden. Cedar mulch is particularly useful for deterring pests, as it contains a compound named “thujone” that has a menthol smell that repels many insects. The insects that it repels include moths, roaches, termites, beetles, Argentine ants, and house ants. If you struggle with insect invasions, consider using a layer of cedar mulch to keep pests at bay.

Mulch Acts as a Soil Insulator

Just like insulation protects your home from extreme weather, mulch defends your garden from the elements. In winter, as temperatures lower, mulch will provide a layer of insulation, allowing the soil to retain its warmth. Rather than allowing the cold weather to damage your plants’ roots, they will be able to continue to grow and remain healthy through the cold season. During the summer, mulch provides your garden with shade.

Mulch Prevents Soil Compaction

Soil compaction occurs when soil is compressed, removing porous space in soil that ordinarily allows water and air to move freely through it. Compaction makes caring for your garden difficult, as it may require a hoe to re-break up the soil. It also prevents roots from breaking through the soil’s surface and nutrients from moving and fertilizing plants.

Compaction prevents water from penetrating the soil, which can cause it to pool, creating standing water on the surface of your garden and effectively drowning it. A layer of mulch creates a barrier between the soil and people’s footsteps, motor vehicles, and heavy rain, all of which can cause compaction. Mulch is also easier to break up than soil, allowing you to create porous space for water and nutrients to move through. Compacted soil requires a hoe to break it up, which can be physically difficult to accompany and can harm your plants.

Mulch Serves as a Nutrient Supplement to your Soil

Mulch provides another layer of nutrients to supplement those already embedded in your soil. Leaf mulch decomposes over time, creating a natural soil conditioner that will integrate essential nutrients into your yard. You can supplement these nutrients with other amendments like fertilizer, which rain and other elements will diffuse into the soil uniformly over time. Even mulches with no characteristic nutrients help your garden retain other nutrient amendments like fertilizers that you might add. By mitigating soil compaction, it allows nutrients to infiltrate the soil more easily.

Proper Mulch Installation


Before laying mulch down in your garden, you will need to know exactly how much you need. As a general rule, for every 108 square feet, you need one cubic yard of mulch. We have a calculator that can help you determine the right amount for your landscape.


Before mulching an area, rake that particular area of your garden, and place the debris in a pile. Save this debris for later—we can put it to good use!


Though it is not the most exciting step, it essential to the health of your garden! Pull up all the weeds and unwanted plants in the area and get rid of them.


Use an edging shovel or power edger to delineate the limits of your garden. Ensure that you create edges 6 to 8 inches apart from the foundation, trees, or major landscaping features.


Remove the organic material from the debris you removed and saved in the clearing stage. In the space you have cleared, add this organic material back into the garden, allowing it to reintegrate needed nutrients into the soil.


Incorporate soil amendments into the area you intend to mulch, including fertilizer and pesticides. It’s important to integrate these before you add mulch, as mulch will protect them from exposure to the elements. This is also the time to add weed cloth if you plan on using it.


At long last, layer mulch evenly across your yard or garden! You should spread a layer of at least 3 inches to guarantee that it will effectively contain moisture and protect your plants from the heat at the ideal temperature.