Choosing The Right Landscaping Rock

May 7, 2013
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Using stone accents are a great and durable way to spruce up your yard. There are a number of common ways stone can be used.

Accents and Centerpieces

Large, interestingly shaped rock or boulders can be used to add interest to a landscape. Many people use them at a lane entrance or in the center of a bed of shrubs. They can even be used in rock gardens, although you will need additional rocks to fill it out.

Stone ‘Rivers’

And interesting all-season accent is a stone “river”. To create, you remove the sod from a river-shaped section, lay down weed barrier, and then cover with the stone of your choice. The color and size are up to you. You can have small pea gravel for a subtle look (perhaps embedding flagstones in it for a path first) or small, medium, or large river stones. Sometimes even rough, untumbled rock can be used for a somewhat ‘wild’ look. You can add ornamental touches like statuary and bridges.

Easy-Care Potted Garden

If you love greenery but can’t bring yourself to weed, you can have potted garden that’s watered by your sprinkler system. To do this, remove the sod in your desired area (within easy reach of your sprinkler of course). Put down a weed barrier, then figure out your desired arrangements of pots and plant stands. You will want these to go in first, since they will be more stable planted on the soil than on the stone later.

After you’ve decided on your arrangement, add the stone. You can do river stones, but if you plan to walk on it, pea gravel is probably better. Next, fill your pots with whatever plants delight you. Now you have an easy care garden that you don’t even have to water: The sprinkler takes care of it for you.

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