Commercial Land Clearing & Site Services

JK Enterprise is northern Virginia and Maryland’s #1 source for site services. We have been serving commercial developers for over 20 years and have the experience, equipment and personnel to make your land clearing or site development project easy.

Our land clearing services are customized just for you. Depending on your requirements, we can execute a plan to get your site prepared for the next phases of development.

Some Commercial Land Clearing and Site Services Include:

Screening and Removal of Soils – Depending on your site, there may be large quantities of material to be taken off site. We can help.Commercial Site Clearing

Crushing Rock and Stone – Many excavation sites in our area produce rock and stone that need to be crushed to a manageable size.

Clearing and Excavating – No matter the size and scope of your clearing or excavating project, give us a call and we can help.

Land Clearing and Grubbing – When you need every tree, all brush, and all vegetation removed from a plot of land. Grubbing is the uprooting and removal of roots and stumps.

Permitted Recycling – JK Enterprise has facilities throughout northern Virginia and Maryland, and can help with recycling projects too.

Express Blower Installation – If your site has large areas for mulching, JK Enterprise can use our blower installation to make fast work of the project.

Other Commercial Site Services

Commercial GrindingFor land clearing and site projects, we often have to accommodate the removal and disposal of all vegetation, rock and stone, and whatever else may be left at the site. When we prepare the the site for development or construction, we remove and dispose of structures, and any abandoned or unused structural concrete of any kind.

For any of your land clearing or site work, call JK Enterprise and talk to one of our commercial specialists. We’ll get you a customized plan to meet your development goals.

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