Cool Tips for Fall Lawn Care

August 15, 2023
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Looking out at your backyard in the summertime brings such satisfaction. Just imagine the thick green grass framed by beautiful oak, maple and ash trees. It makes the perfect place to swing from a hammock and watch the kids play on the swing set.

All is fine — until fall comes along. Sure, the leaves are beautiful and the air is crisp, but it’s no picnic, being pelted by acorns picked up by the lawn mower. Raking leaves? Don’t even get me started! But, I digress.

How should I take care of my lawn in the fall? What are the steps I can take to make my yard the scenic escape it deserves to be? These are the questions you might ask yourself, but you should know it’s not complicated. Follow a few simple steps to make your yard a lush suburban paradise. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but your lawn will look great.  Sound good?

What Happens to My Lawn In Winter?

Many people mistakenly believe their lawns are dead in the colder winter months due to the lack of growth. However, this is a misconception. While the visible part of your lawn might appear lifeless, it’s dormant, much like a bear hibernating. Beneath the surface, the grass roots remain active and continue growing, albeit slower. These roots are preparing for the warmer months ahead, and to do so, they require a reserve of essential nutrients. This stored energy will be crucial when spring arrives.

To ensure that your lawn has the necessary nutrients for this period of dormancy and subsequent revival, the fall season is the optimal time for fertilization. By providing your lawn with the proper nutrients during this time, you’re equipping the root system with the tools it needs to survive the winter and thrive once warmer temperatures return. So, rather than neglecting your lawn in the fall, consider it an investment in a beautiful and healthy lawn for the upcoming spring.

The best time for the last lawn feeding is just before winter begins. Think October or November.

Fall Lawn Aeration

Aerating your lawn in October is crucial to ensuring its health and vitality. As the summer ends, your lawn might have experienced significant wear and tear, especially from frequent foot traffic during outdoor activities, barbecues, and play sessions. This can lead to soil compaction, making it difficult for grass roots to access the air, water, and nutrients they need to thrive.

Aeration is the process of creating small holes in the soil to alleviate this compaction. These holes allow the grass roots to breathe, facilitating faster and more efficient nutrient absorption. Moreover, aeration also promotes more profound root growth, making the grass more resilient to drought and other stressors.

While many homeowners might be unfamiliar with the specifics of lawn aeration, some professionals specialize in this service. A reputable lawn care service will have the expertise and equipment to aerate your lawn effectively, ensuring it’s primed for healthy growth in the coming months.

However, if you enjoy hands-on lawn care, there’s an option too. Equipment rental! Typically, an aeration machine will cost around $25 a day.

Fall Lawn Seeding

After the aeration process, give your lawn some time to recover and adjust. Letting the ground settle for a few days ensures that the newly created channels have time to stabilize, making them more effective in aiding root growth and nutrient absorption.

Once the ground has settled, the next step in rejuvenating your lawn is overseeding. This involves spreading grass seed over the existing lawn to fill in any bare spots and introduce new, resilient grass varieties. For the best results, it’s crucial to choose a high-quality grass seed that matches the specific conditions of your lawn.

Pay particular attention to whether the grass seed is suited for sunny or shaded areas. Some grass varieties thrive in direct sunlight, while others prefer the cooler, shaded parts of a garden. Choosing the right type can significantly affect how well your lawn grows and how much maintenance it requires in the future.

Fall Leaf Management For Your Lawn

Yes, ugh, now we have to talk about raking leaves. Raking leaves stinks! But it has to be done. Throughout the fall, leaf cover should be kept to a minimum. Matted leaves are no good, but a small amount can help mulch to the grass.

Since you have to do it anyway, why not find ways to make raking fun? Keep an open mind, and read on:

  • Light a fire in a safe outdoor fire pit. You can buy wonderful, easy-to-maintain fire pits at any home improvement store. The air will be cool, crisp and ever so smoky — you might even think you’re camping.
  • Bring the dog. Fido loves to play in the leaf pile.
  • Bring the kids. You’ll lighten your workload, all while making precious memories.

Fall lawn care is easy when you follow these steps and keep your lawn healthy with lots of good mulch and topsoil.