Design Your Landscaping to Beautify and Protect Your Home

April 23, 2012
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A well-designed landscape can do more than just make a property look beautiful, it can protect it from intruders as well! Burglars often survey a neighborhood before deciding which home to break into, therefore making the appearance of your lawn paramount—after all, you don’t want your home to be targeted!

JK Enterprise Landscape Supply joins law enforcement nationwide in encouraging homeowners to take protective measures when designing their landscape this spring. Most of the techniques listed below are done subtly and blend well ascetically, but can go a long way in preventing home break-ins this summer!

Make sure doorways, windows, and porches are clear before planting. One should always have a clear view and access to the outside, should an emergency arise.

Remember that although bushes can provide privacy, they also give robbers a hiding place. Using smaller shrubs will give the same look while making it harder for burglars to stay hidden.

Likewise, walk and driveways should be provide compete visibility, also eliminating potential hiding spots.

Consider planting thorny bushes and shrubberies near windows, doors, and along fences. The literally “sharp” look may dissuade an intruder from targeting your home.

All trees surrounding your home should be properly pruned as a robber could try to climb the limbs to reach the second floor. Eliminate all opportunities an intruder has to enter your home while staying out-of-sight.

Hiding spare keys under a rock, under a doormat, in a potted plant, or above the door may seem like a life-saving idea, but burglars know these tricks too! These are among the first places they will check for easy access to your house.

Enclosing your lawn with locked gates or well-kept fences not only promotes the idea that the owner is present and cares about their property, but it also makes it more difficult for someone to break-in.
Placing a “Beware of Dog” visibly in your window can deter robbers from attempting to come into your home.

Taking these simple but important tips into account when planning your home’s landscaping can prove beneficial in more ways than one. While every homeowner wants a beautiful lawn, these simple landscaping tips can prevent a house from becoming easy prey for an intruder. Protect your family and your property from disaster—starting with your front yard