Northern Virginia is All About the DIY: Fire Pits

June 25, 2015
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There’s no better way to spend another summer day than with a little manual labor.

Well. Maybe I can think of a few better ways, and maybe you can too, but the hard work is so worth it when the fruits are so sweet. You’re asking, “Fruit? What fruit?” And to that I have but one answer: FIRE.

Yes, fire. Or, more specifically— a fire pit.

A season is simply not summer without a frosty longneck enjoyed in front of a crackling fire as fireflies and stars twinkle. If you’ve lived this life this long without a fire pit in your northern Virginia backyard, I’m so sorry. The time is now. Click the link to find tile setters near you.

Go on. Do it.

DIY a fire pit in your northern Virginia backyard this summer.

The design can be as simple or as intricate, as round or as square or even as portable (see #5) as you’d like. Here, JK Enterprise Landscape Supply has gathered the best the Internet’s DIYers have to offer in terms of building your very own backyard fire pit.

Get inspired, and then get to work.

1. Take a load off. You’ll have earned after building this fire pit.

2. We really dig this dug out fire pit.

3. Think outside the stone.

4. Be there. And square.

5. Have fire pit, will travel.

6. Let’s maybe table the DIY fire pit discussion after this.

Not quite ready to take on a big DIY fire pit project?

That’s okay! You, too, can kick back with an ice-cold brew and enjoy the fruits of… someone else’s labor. Grigg Design is northern Virginia’s go-to for hardscaping design and construction; contact the good folks at Grigg about installing a fire pit in your own backyard today.