Edible Landscaping: The New Trend In Landscape Design

January 18, 2011
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“An apple a day, keeps the doctor away,” might be a time old cliche but it’s a cliche that is slowly becoming an end result in the world of landscaping; edible landscaping that is. Edible landscaping is the new trend hitting major cities across the United States and is becoming largely influenced by a new environmental group titled ‘The Lawrence Fruit Tree Project.’ This effort is widely encouraging landscapers, home owners, foodies and fruit lovers alike to plant fruit and nut trees instead of regular plants and flowers into their landscaping design, in their backyard or even on their front porch.

The main idea and goal behind edible landscaping is not to only incorporate fruit and nut trees but also to encourage individuals nationwide to depend on their resources and to educate individuals on not only the health benefits but the environmental benefits of incorporating fruit and nut trees.

‘The Lawrence Fruit Tree Project’ is also investing funds into instructing seminars, assisting students and even handing out materials to those who desire to plant individual trees or those who wish to plant an entire orchard. The edible landscaping efforts of this project has ‘stemmed’ far and wide from plantings alongside the streets of New York City to planting small orchards on college campuses.

Although the chilly temperatures of winter are still lurking around many parts of the United States, as spring arrives, begin thinking how an apple tree or a strawberry plant could be incorporated into the lawn or garden design. Not only will this be a fun project for family and community members alike but will add to the aesthetic quality. Never before has landscaping been so delicious!