Fall fertilization is happening now!

October 22, 2010
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Fall fertilization is happening now. With cool nights and semi warm days you can grow seed up until Christmas in our area. The seed gets moist from the morning dew, then heats up and pop you have grass, providing you have a little help from some organic fertilizers. I recommend organic compost and Orgro rather than chemicals all day long.

Chemical fertilizers are way over rated and ultimately wind up in the bay. We all live in the Chesapeake bay watershed. Compost is easy, its natural, and it doesn’t take that much. If you spread your seed and an 1” of compost or Orgro you are giving both the lawn and the seeds the fuel they need to thrive. For those of you not familiar with Orgro, it is a bio-solid manufactured in Baltimore and shipped around the region. It is basically poop that has been cleaned and processed, mixed with lime and wood chips, then screened and dried.

A benefit to using this is you use a lot less, more like less than a half inch or so. Plus it really works. Any one that remembers Compro, knows this type of product.