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Everyone always asks what makes good firewood? When buying firewood in our area you have a lot of choices to make. You should be looking for a hardwood mix of firewood. The most common hardwoods in our area are oak, maple, ash, beech, gum?, locust, and walnut. You really don’t have to have all of one species to burn firewood and create heat or atmosphere in your home.

You should be looking for wood that is relatively dry. Wood that has been down in log length or split at least for six months. The measure should be true. A cord is 128 cubic feet when properly stacked. You can have firewood delivered to your driveway and dumped, you can have someone stack it for you at your desired location, or you can have it delivered on pallets already stacked and shrink wrapped. All options have their pros and cons. When its dumped, it may be less expensive, but you have to clean up the debris and you have to stack the firewood. Also you have to have a little faith that your supplier has dumped the correct amount. When its stacked for you, you are paying for this service. Beware, this is where you may run into trouble if it is not to your liking and you will need a lot of interaction with your provider. It also can be pricy.

When firewood is already stacked on pallets and shrink wrapped, you can tell instantly what you have. A pallet is 4’x4’x4’, that is 64 cubic feet, a half cord. There is no mess. This is also pricy. However you get your firewood, I think it is a tried and true way to keep worm for the winter. Remember the seasoned wood always sells first, after December 15th or so, you are rolling the dice.

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