Firewood Delivery Without the Middleman

At JK Enterprise Landscape Supply LLC, we offer premium firewood at a low cost. We supply the wood for many other retail locations and delivery firms, so you can cut out the middleman by buying direct. Imagine that — no third party, straight to your home quickly at a competitive rate!


Why Buy Firewood from JK?

Our high-quality firewood is just what you need to keep your family warm on a cold night. We keep our firewood at a low moisture content, which allows the wood to burn brighter, better, and more robust. By letting the firewood dry outdoors for 8 to 9 hours, we can reduce the moisture levels to below 20%, ensuring a better flame.

Get affordable and high-quality wood straight from a premium supplier.

Why Firewood Delivery?

Firewood delivery is a no-brainer:

  • It’s affordable
  • It’s fast
  • It saves time
  • It’s easy to store
  • It burns great

Our high-quality firewood and low price makes it one of our best sellers.

Our Firewood is Affordable

We all know what it is like to get the heating bill at the beginning of the month. It happens every winter, but it is still so shocking! You could be spending upwards of $1,000 on just heating for the year. Why not try to reduce that price a little bit? Firewood is a cheaper alternative to propane or residential heating services. While it may be impossible to completely convert to firewood as your heating source for the winter months, adding firewood to your arsenal can alleviate some of that heating bill. Because our firewood is very affordable, as we’ve eliminated the middleman, supplementing your home’s heating can be very financially doable.

Our Firewood Delivery is fast

We have emphasized this a lot, but it’s a big deal: We are the area’s leading supplier of firewood, so you are getting phenomenal quality wood quickly at such a low cost. In addition to supplying, we also deliver the wood directly to your home. That saves you a trip of picking up the wood from a seller. Logistics is one of JK Enterprise’s top capabilities, which means fast and efficient delivery for you! You don’t even have to be home for us to deliver the wood; we’ll leave it right on your driveway for you.

Our Firewood Saves Time

If you’re the type of person to cut your own firewood, you’re probably thinking that chopping firewood yourself is even cheaper than buying from us. You might be right! But, think of how much time it takes to chop firewood. The moisture content of that wood is higher than the moisture in the content in the wood that we provide. That’s where we come in — we provide high-quality, low-cost firewood that is delivered right to you. We can also offer a stacking service when we deliver, so you don’t even have to lug the wood to where you want it. Imagine how much time you would save at such an affordable cost!

Our Firewood is Easy to Store

Now that you’ve bought firewood, what do you do with it? You are not going to use all of it in one night. You have to store it somewhere. The next question is: Is firewood easy to store? The short answer is yes! When stored properly, firewood is incredibly easy to store and can last you a long time.

There are some things that you should be aware of when storing your firewood, though. For one, be mindful of insects, such as termites and ants, that may burrow into the wood, especially if it is wet. Ensure you store your wood in a cool, dry place, at least six inches off the ground. When your firewood is not directly placed on the floor, you can avoid many insects and other critters that like to crawl into firewood. We also recommend shaking off any lingering insects that might be sitting on your wood when you are ready to use it.

Our Firewood Burns Beautifully

If you have used firewood before, whether outdoors or indoors, you know just how wonderful it feels. From the smell of wood-burning to the sight of lively flames to the feeling of all-encompassing warmth, firewood is a fantastic addition to any night. Our high-quality firewood is uniquely special, providing you with the feeling of enveloping warmth on a brisk, fall night or a cold winter evening. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, activate your five senses and bask in the warmth and beauty of our premium firewood.

Imagine being able to come back to your house to a stack of firewood ready to be lit. Imagine cooking dinner for your family, bringing the food to the living room, sitting in front of the fire, and enjoying a nice, warm family meal. Imagine pulling out sticks, marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers to roast on the flames of an outdoor firepit. Imagine hearing the unadulterated joy in your family’s laughter against the backdrop of crackling flames.

Call JK Enterprise today for low-cost, high-quality firewood straight from the manufacturer. And check out our mulch, topsoil, and wood chip delivery services for your other landscaping supplies.