Holiday Landscaping Idea: Backyard Fire Pit

December 19, 2010
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Landscaping and attending to the lawn during this holiday season doesn’t have to be unpleasant or a constant battle with the cold temperatures. This holiday season, take a spin on backyard landscaping by bringing the warmth of the holidays outside with the installation of a backyard fire pit.

This landscaping idea is not only easy to build and create, but it’s also fun and can be enjoyed throughout the spring and summer times as well. Sipping hot cocoa with loved ones around the warmth of the fire during the winter or roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories on a summer night, all of these scenes and more can be created with this fun landscaping idea. A backyard fire pit also adds an aesthetic quality and allows landscapers to really get creative with hardscaping around it, either in the form of benches surrounding the fire pit or implementing backyard lawn furniture.

Landscaping out a backyard fire pit takes minimal time to plan and only a few landscaping supplies to create. The biggest factor in planning a backyard fire pit is space and ensuring that building codes will not be violated with the installation. Wooded areas, composts, wooded decks and trees that have low hanging branches should safely be considered before creating the area. Also, ensure enough stone has been ordered from JK Enterprise Landscape Supply to create the perfect backyard fire pit design.