How to Set Up a Mulch Fundraiser

January 26, 2018
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It’s only January but in just a few short weeks everybody will be placing orders for their spring mulch delivery.  If you have a sports team, club, organization or any group than needs to raise money, a Mulch Fundraiser is the perfect solution. JK Enterprise can help your organization set up your spring time mulch fundraiser.  Get started now while there is still time!

Here are some things you’ll need to know:

How do you get started?

It’s a good idea to give us a call to get started.  We have helped so many organizations raise many thousands of dollars – we know the ropes and will get you started.  We have the best program to help organizations maximize their fund raising efforts. Call 703-982-7789 (Office) or Jake Klitenic at 703-928-7793 for more information.

What About Selling Mulch? How Does That Work?

We suggest you try to PRE-SELL the bagged mulch and collect funds up front before taking delivery of the first tractor trailer load to provide positive cash flow for your organization. A full tractor trailer load is typically 1020-1600 bags depending on the product (18-20 pallets per truck with 60-90 bags per pallet). Please provide us with at least one month notice when placing your order. Weekends book up fast in the spring, constant planning and communication is encouraged to ensure delivery.

Where Will The Mulch be Delivered?

Your organization will need access to a parking lot that is big enough to accommodate a tractor trailer and store the mulch. It must also have enough space for your customers to pick up their mulch and for you to load trucks for your organizations deliveries.

How Are My Customers Going to Get Their Mulch?

Distribution of the mulch is accomplished using a delivery service and via customer pick up. You will need volunteers with trucks and vans to deliver the mulch. Larger organizations may choose to rent a truck (flatbeds work best) to minimize the number of reload trips and a forklift to load it more efficiently.

How Much Money Can I Raise?

Your organization will be able to profit as much as $1.50 per bag sold, depending on the service you offer. Offering delivery can really increase your sales. Many schools and Boy Scouts Troops have raised as much as $20,000. Our representative will work with your group to help you maximize your profits.

What Products Can I Sell?

You can sell any of our bagged items; however, we do require you purchase at least a pallet of any particular product. We suggest that you offer the following products: double shredded mulch, cedar mulch, color enhanced mulch, top soil/compost , and potting soil.