Investment In Landscaping Projects Show Promise of Economy Improvement

March 8, 2011
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The economy is slowly but surely turning around and surprisingly enough, observations such as rising interest rates and an increase in sales amongst retailers aren’t the only numbers economists are reporting.

Landscaping and home improvement endeavors have increased dramatically in recent months as home owners are choosing to invest their dollars into home improvement, as landscaping supply, hardscapes and design companies are reporting an increase in sales and orders. With such a cold winter around many parts of the US, homeowners who were snowed in all winter are more eager than ever to get out and about and get started on welcoming in the warmer temperatures by way of re-design of their front and back yards.

As the economy suffered over the past two years, many landscaping supply and landscaping design companies reported lower numbers as many were choosing to hold off on spending on services such as landscaping or landscaping supplies.

Even Home and Gardens, a nationally syndicated magazine, reported lower numbers in the last two years at their annual traveling home shows that attracts interior designers, architects, roofing companies, landscapers and landscaping supply companies interested in learning the new trends of each year. This year’s show scheduled for 2011, however, has had the greatest numbers of attendees registered than in the past five years conveying that the economy is looking up! People are spending money on their home again and more so, spending it on landscaping re-designs.