Land Clearing

Few things are more exciting than the blank canvas of a parcel of land. Yet few things are more tedious than preparing that land for its intended use. Land clearing, depending on the plot’s size and specifics, can require serious machinery and technical expertise. The project can include clearing trees and foliage, removing and/or crushing rocks, and excavating soils. The proper planning, equipment and workers are imperative for doing the job safely and efficiently.

At JK Enterprise Landscape Supply, LLC we’ve been serving Northern Virginia and Maryland for over 20 years as the area’s best site developer. With our broad array of machinery, our talented professionals, and our extensive experience, we can work with you to tailor each job for your specific needs. Since 1996, local businesses have trusted us to clear their land quickly and effectively.

Tub Grinder commercial job

Preparing for Land Clearing

Any project begins by understanding the local regulations surrounding land clearance. These are often set out by the local municipal and county authorities and include environmental regulations set out by various government levels. These rules may cover the types of machinery used, designate environmentally sensitive areas, and protect certain trees and vegetation species.

Preparation also involves developing an understanding of the plot in terms of its natural and man-made features. Are there utilities underfoot? This can be ascertained by calling the local utility companies. Determine the boundaries of the property as well as the specific parts you’d like to clear. This can either be done yourself or with help from a professional surveyor.

The professionals at JK Enterprise Landscape Supply, LLC can help deepen your understanding of the relevant rules and how they’ll apply to your specific property to help you prepare for the land clearing process. We have a wide array of tools and methods available to customize the job based on your needs. Below, we’ll offer some specifics on the services we can provide for your site preparation project.

Land Clearing Services We Offer

Screening and Removal of Soils

Depending on your site, there may be large quantities of material to be taken off-site. We can help. If you’re looking to plant and landscape, soil screening can prove particularly helpful in filtering out debris like roots, twigs, rocks, and other solid objects that prevent plants from fully prospering. This is done by loading soil into a machine that shakes the soil in order to separate the finer particles from the larger debris.

dump truck soil

Crushing Rock and Stone

Many excavation sites in our area produce rock and stone that need to be crushed to a manageable size. This material can prove especially useful as base material for walkways, asphalt, and concrete. It can also potentially serve as a base for a building’s foundation. Finally, crushed rock can enhance drainage solutions by providing a diffuse material that can channel water into the appropriate spaces.

Land Clearing

When trees, shrubs, and vegetation are present, site development often demands clearing the space in order to move forward with construction. Tree removal can be tedious and dangerous, so it’s especially important to hire trusted professionals for this step. Brush and vegetation removal can take different forms but often involves specific machinery like brush hoggers that chop down thick vegetation.

Permitted Recycling

JK Enterprise Landscape Supply, LLC has facilities throughout northern Virginia and Maryland and can help with recycling projects too. We have the necessary permits to collect and transport recycling materials to the proper sites for processing. In all of our work, we use whatever techniques most minimize disruption and expend the fewest resources. This means using native soils and re-using any materials we can properly repurpose.

Express Blower Installation

If your site has large areas for mulching, JK Enterprise can use our blower installation to make fast work of the project. Express blowers essentially speed up the process of spreading large quantities of organic material like mulch, soil, and compost. This specialized equipment can significantly enhance the efficiency of larger projects.

Start Your Land Clearing Project the Right Way with JK Enterprise

Since 1996, we have served residential and commercial customers with customized, competitively priced land clearing solutions. Our two sites are centrally located and equipped with a fleet of trucks and equipment for a wide array of purposes. Since we can produce our own materials, we can offer pricing that our competitors cannot match.
Land clearing and site development is an essential first step in setting up a successful business. Because the process can be complicated and labor-intensive, finding the right company to perform the work is critical. The firm must have the people, the tools, and experience to work efficiently and effectively to prepare the land. More, they must be able to work closely with clients to develop whatever solutions the client might require based on their specific needs.

Dependability, flexibility, and expertise are a must in this work. That’s why Northern Virginia and Maryland businesses consistently turn to JK Enterprise Landscape Supply, LLC for land clearing and site development. Give us a call today to get working on a plan together!