Landscape Design 101

April 29, 2011
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As winter ends and a snow beaten lawn is revealed, the responsibility of reviving your brown grass and stark trees and plants can seem overwhelming. Landscaping, however, can be also be performed by those that don’t possess the envied “green thumb.”

First, keep in mind that landscaping can be as simple or complex as you would like. Landscapes are for aesthetics and a lawn can look beautiful on any budget. To help get you started this Spring, we’ve provided a few practical “do-it-yourself” landscaping tips.

Clean Up

Clean up all of that dead winter foliage, including leaves and twigs. Pull the weeds, dead flowers and trim back ornamental grasses.


Purchasing a fertilizer is a solid investment, especially for plant and flower beds. Applying fertilizer once per month, beginning in early Spring will lead to greener grass and heartier, more colorful plants and flowers in the coming months.


Mulch is another must have! Landscapes should include more than four inches of mulch to curb weed growth and retain moisture for your growing plants, trees and flowers. Mulch also brings a pristine, finished look to your landscape. (Check out our mulch calculator to determine how much you might need)


Don’t forget to inspect the area for weeds and pull them, at least a few times per week. Weeds can drastically affect the aesthetics and health of a yard, so proactively controlling their growth is the best way to keep them from taking over.


Spring is the best time to plant new trees, shrubs and perennials (once your confident we’re beyond another freeze). With every budget comes many options to bring color to your landscape – and with color comes beauty!

By following these basic tips, you can effectively transform your post-winter lawn to a healthy and vibrant new landscape. To find cost-effective resources and supplies, visit JK Enterprise Landscape Supply or give us a call with your questions.