Landscaping Bricks

January 19, 2012
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Landscaping bricks can be used together to form a decorative walkway, a formal patio, or to put an edge on a garden.

There are landscaping bricks available today that form an “L” shape so that one side can lay flush with the lawn (eliminating the need for edging) and the other side can rise up an inch or two above the planting area to create a border to hold mulch, and a provide a decorative edge.

Installing Landscaping Bricks

Here are a few steps on how to install landscape bricks to the edge of your garden.

  1. Dig a trench along the area you would like to lay the bricks. The trench should be approximately 2” deeper than the depth of the brick and 1-2” wider than the width of the brick.
  2. Tamp (compact) the soil to prevent or minimize the shifting of the bricks later. (A tamper can be found at your local hardware store or garden center).
  3. Pour 2-3” of sand in the trench and tamp the same as the soil. The sand is used to raise the bricks slightly above ground level. Setting the bricks slightly above will allow for a small amount of settling in the future.
  4. Lay the bricks in the bed of sand, making them as level as possible. If there is a lean, make sure the bricks lean toward the grass area and not the garden.
  5. Use sand to fill in the inside edge of the landscaping bricks, the garden edge, to stabilize the bricks.
    Cover the sand with soil and brush away any remaining sand/soil.