Landscaping & Social Media: How One Mother Won $10,000 In Lawn Makeover Services

April 7, 2011
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Facebook is changing the way business is done and not just in the corporate world—in the landscaping world too. JK Enterprise Landscaping Supply prides itself in connecting with clients, customers and friends through Twitter, Facebook and blog posts and we love it when we see other landscaping supply and landscaping design companies engaging in effective uses of social media.

A landscaping company in North Carolina recently hosted an “Ugliest Yard Contest” encouraging customers (and their customers friends and families) to submit photos of the ugliest yard they had seen in the area. The landscaping company has a generous number of followers on Facebook and stated that all photos submitted would be posted on the social networking site and fans of the landscaping company would vote and ultimately decide which yard was in fact, the ugliest.

The grand prize? $10,000 in landscaping supplies and services.

A mother and daughter heard about the contest by word of mouth and submitted their photo after the advisement of a friend who was a client of the landscaping company. The daughter, an avid Facebook user, utilized Facebook chat, Facebook messaging and Facebook status updating to increase awareness, driver friends to the landscaping’s fan page on Facebook and increase votes.

The daughter reports she would sit for hours on Facebook asking everyone to vote for her mother’s photo of their lawn…and her efforts worked. The voting went on for a week and by utilizing all communication options on the social networking website, the mother and daughter pair one by a 724-625 win.

The landscaping supply company originally launched this campaign to increase it’s followers on social media as well as give back to the community by donating time and energy to re-design a yard in need.

The landscaping supply company concluded the contest with 2,300 new “Likes” on Facebook, as well as giving a mother and daughter pair a brand new lawn.