March Is All About Mulch — MULCH MADNESS!

February 23, 2016
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Nokesville, Virginia — February 22, 2016

Spring training before baseball season, spring, basketball… and MULCH MADNESS. These are a few of the things northern Virginians have to look forward to in March. Gainesville, Virginia’s JK Enterprise Landscape Supply is excited to have partnered with the Patriot High School Patriot Pioneers Booster Club for the Fifth Annual Mulch Madness Fundraiser. Get a jumpstart on your spring landscaping projects. Contact JK Enterprise Landscape Supply to place an order for all the mulch you need.

“After a warmer than normal start to the season, and then — well, then there was Jonas, mulch will provide nutrition for, and protect the soil,” said Jake Klitenic, founder of JK Enterprise Landscape Supply. “The Mulch Madness Fundraiser is about selling mulch, to be sure, but it’s also about supporting the community.”

Northern Virginia’s leading supplier of mulch and bulk forest products offers mulch for sale by the bag, or the pallet, depending on the type selected:

  • Premium Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch comes 45 three-cubic-foot bags to a pallet; is a dark, rich natural brown color; and works well to contain moisture and suppress weed growth.
  • Pine Bark Mulch comes 42 three-cubic-foot bags to a pallet; is made entirely from natural wood; and offers long-lasting vibrant color.
  • Brown Color Enhanced Mulch comes 60 two-cubic-foot bags to a pallet; is made of a double-shredded hardwood mixture; and it’s environmentally friendly, using no previously processed wood waste.

Orders of a little, or a lot — no minimums — will be delivered by Patriot High School students, parents, coaches and sponsors. Learn more, and place your order.

About JK Enterprise Landscape Supply

The company was formally established in 1996 by Jacob A. Klitenic III (Jake). Nineteen years later, JK Enterprise Landscape Supply is a leading forest product processor and supplier of mulch, woodchips, topsoil, compost, and soil conditioners with annual sales exceeding ten million dollars. JK operates two production facilities, in Gainesville and Culpeper, Virginia. The centrally located Culpeper site comprises 56 acres and includes a warehousing facility, as well as a building dedicated to bagging bulk forest products. Grinding and processing of organic materials are done at both locations. JK also operates contractor yards at the Gainesville and Culpeper facilities, as well as in Chantilly and Alexandria, Virginia. For more information, please visit