Mulching In Mid-Winter? Surprisingly enough, it’s a DO!

November 21, 2010
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The colder temperatures of the winter leave many gardeners neglecting to add mulch to their lawns and flower beds. They’ve maintained their lawns during the fall, prepped for the winter and many don’t think twice until the warmer climates of spring arrive. However, adding mulch in the winter is a key task if gardeners have any hope of having a beautiful garden or lawn in the spring.

When landscaping during the winter, adding mulch helps insulate the roots of plants when there is no snowfall. The roots then can continue to grow throughout the winter despite the freezing temperatures and create a better lawn during the spring. As little as just 2 to 3 inches of mulch can increase the temperature up to 10 degrees around plant roots and can even be applied if the ground has frozen over.

Landscaped lawns during the winter are usually the last thoughts in many gardeners’ minds, however, adding mulch can not only save gardens and lawns but also add to the aesthetic value to the home during times when there is no snow fall. Adding warmth to the roots, increasing aesthetic value and creating a better garden in the spring? It’s not only a landscaping do, but a landscaping must do!