Patio Paver Shapes

October 25, 2011
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Patio Pavers are a great and versatile product that can be used anywhere around your home or for an outdoor area. Many materials can be used when laying Patio Pavers. Concrete pavers are one of the most commonly used materials for paving patios. This is because concrete is cheaper than most materials such as natural stone (such as sandstone, bluestone etc.). Concrete pavers are normally produced in block forms and can be cut and molded to any shape your project may require. There is a broad range of shapes, colors, patterns, and materials to choose from.

Common Patio Paver Shapes:
Simple shapes like rectangles, oblong, and squares are mostly used for Patio Paving applications. When using concrete, these shapes are generally used to imitate things like bricks.

Other shapes:
· Triangles
· Octagon
· Circles
· Half Circles
· Irregular
· Zigzags
· Keyholes
· Diamonds
· Fans
· Hexagon
· Rectangle and Square
· Two Shape Combos
· Natural Stone Shapes

Most natural stones come with their own unique shapes. So when using natural stone pavers on your patio you may find that the range and selections available are not as broad as those man made paver materials, such as concrete and brick.

Irregular Patio Paver Shapes:
Irregular paver shapes can be used for your patio area. They help create a natural, but elegant formal look. Irregular shapes are made from things such as cuts, broken stones, river rocks, ocean rocks, and broken pavers.

Combination of Shapes: Many combinations of shapes can be applied. This can help break up a large area and add interest to the design and overall outdoor space.