Patio Pavers for an Outdoor Room

September 7, 2012
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If there’s one thing that we just don’t get enough of in this day and age, it’s fresh air. Now that cooler days are on the way, wouldn’t it be nice to have a comfy, cozy outdoor space to enjoy the fall colors?

Why Have a Patio?

A well-designed patio doesn’t just add to the value of your home– it adds to your quality of life. Sunshine, nature, and beautiful greenery, all conveniently located just steps from your back door. Why would you need an expensive getaway when you’ve got all this?

The varieties of patio styles are endless. You can have simple concrete pavers set in a bed of gravel, or you can install mortared flagstones — we’ve got you covered in either case. But most people go with the middle of the road in terms of durability and value and get interlocking pavers. We carry two of the best-value lines, CST and Belgard, which are far and away better than anything you can get at a big-box store.

Designing Your “Outdoor Room”

Since you will essentially be adding another room to your house, think carefully about what you’ll want to use it for. Summer barbecues with the extended family? Drinking coffee and reading the paper on weekends? Will it become the summer living room, or is it more of a retreat?

Also consider whether big-ticket items fit into your lifestyle. An impressive stone fireplace can certainly extend your patio-going season, but aren’t you the type to be in bed at 9pm? Are you sure you’ll ever use it?

Fountains, bubblers, and ponds are also popular elements in patio design, but is the cheerful splashing at the end of a long day worth the maintenance that water features entail? There’s no easier way to ruin your sanctuary than looking around at chores that need doing.

If you take the time to design a patio that fits the needs of you and your family, and invest in quality materials and workmanship, you’ll have an outdoor oasis that will bring you joy for many years to come.

For more information on patio pavers, contact JK Enterprise or come on down to any of our locations to check out samples and speak with our experienced staff.