Learn the Rules for Playground Wood Chips

July 1, 2023
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A playground in the backyard for your kids is a great way to keep them entertained and safe from outside influences. However, kids are always tumbling off playground equipment and hurting themselves. For that reason, playground areas need shock-absorbing material such as a quality playground wood chips under and around playground equipment.

To protect children, three government regulations control the manufacture of surface material for playgrounds such as playground wood chips (or tot lot chips). JK Enterprise sells quality mulch and topsoil in Northern Virginia, JK also carries playground wood chips that meets these requirements.

Depth Of Playground Wood Chips

ASTM 1292 provides the guidelines on the depth of wood chips needed to keep a child safe if they fall off playground equipment. A JK professional can help you determine the depth of wood chips you need for adequate coverage. Kids love to climb to the very top of playground equipment. If they fall, something must cover the ground to keep them from a bad injury. You need to know the distance from the top of the equipment to the ground. The taller the equipment, the deeper the playground wood chips needs to be. You must have enough playground wood chips to cover the surrounding area as well as under the playground equipment.

Quality Of Playground Wood Chips

ASTM 2075 is the specification that playground wood chips needs to meet for particle size, purity, ability to drain and other established requirements. In addition, ASTM 2075 includes guidelines to control the amount of heavy metal and tramp metal that could cause harm to children. The other requirement that playground wood chip manufacturers need to comply with is the Code of Federal Regulations, CFR 1630/1631. These are the guidelines for resistance to flammability. These three regulations provide some safety measures for children playing in playgrounds at home as well as at public and private playgrounds.

When you want to buy the safest surface materials for under children’s playground equipment, JK Enterprise provides playground wood chips that meets all the government regulations. Nothing can keep children safe all the time, but by buying a product manufactured to the highest standards can help reduce many injuries.