Poisioning of Toomer’s Corner live oak trees enrages fans

February 17, 2011
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College football in the south isn’t just a past time, it’s the way (and the only way) of life. For Southeastern Conference (SEC) fans across the south, February will be marked as a heart breaking month with the recent reports of the poisoning of the live oak trees at Auburn University that sit at the corner of Magnolia and College, known as Toomer’s Corner.

These trees are just as important and just as symbolic as the mascot or battle cry (“War Eagle!”) of Tiger football and any fan, student or even rival who has walked the Auburn campus during a game day, knows very well that Toomer’s Corner (and the rolling of the trees) symbolizes a long standing Auburn tradition. The culprit for the poisoning of the trees appears to be a University of Alabama fan who willingly admits he poisoned the trees with Spike 80DF. An arrest has been made and officials have been rumored to have charged the man with a 10 year prison sentence.

Investigators of the poisoned trees say they will begin to see the possible unfortunate affects within the next month and state that it will take a miracle to save as much as these trees as possible. Auburn and SEC fans alike have rolled the trees out of respect with messages written such as “Get Well Soon” and of course the AU battle cry, “War Eagle.”

JK Enterprise Landscape Supply is deeply saddened by not only this crime on Auburn University but the crime against the environment and these beautiful live oak trees. JK Enterprise Landscape Supply extends their condolences to all SEC fans and will be keeping Auburn fans in their thoughts throughout these next few weeks.