$ 203.50 per 1/2 Cord

The current selection of firewood is freshly cut & unseasoned.  Half cord firewood, split, stacked on a pallet.

Half Cord

Sold By The Pallet

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NOTE:  The current selection of firewood is freshly cut & unseasoned.

Lumber Jake has firewood ready for delivery! We hand stack our firewood into neat half cord packages. What makes our firewood different is that the wood has no dirt or trash mixed in. After we hand stack our half cords, there is typically a pile of scraps, dirt and bark shreds on the ground – that doesn’t make it into the stack! You’re left with nice perfectly cut logs.


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Due to high volume of rain, Topsoil is a bit clumpy. All Topsoil is native to Virginia and contains sand silt and clay.

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