Recycling Christmas Trees = Landscaping Ideas For Spring!

December 26, 2010
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For those landscapers who celebrate the Christmas, soon will come the daunting task of taking down the Christmas tree. Once the ornaments are stored safely away and the wrapping paper and pine needles have been picked up, the tree is typically left out for trash pickup. Little do many landscapers know that, that tree* can help in the creation of a lush and healthy lawn.

Utilizing Christmas trees for mulch is not only easy, but cost effective. Many landscaping supply companies and landscaping design businesses are happy to help with processing the tree into mulch. (JK Enterprise Landscaping would be happy to assist!) and can even offer pick-up times leaving the hard work in their hands. Yet, a standard chip and removing the branches before chipping can also be just as effective in processing the tree into mulch. However, if mulch isn’t the supply in need, a Christmas tree can contribute to other green landscaping ideas such as outdoor bird feeders, fish feeders and soil erosion barriers.

Backyard lawns make excellent sanctuaries for old Christmas trees. By effectively combing the soil and ensuring the tree is stable and secure amongst the other trees and plants, the ‘retired’ Christmas tree can be decorated with bird feed, nuts, old fruit and act as a nesting spot for birds. For landscapers who have fish ponds, trimming the tree to half its size and placing the base within the pond can feed fish for at least 2-3 months as well as provide a nice aesthetic quality to the pond.

For those who live in smaller homes or who do not have a big enough front or backyard can help by donating their tree to a local park or river management company. With the ‘living green’ movement in full effect, many park and river management companies are utilizing old Christmas trees to assist with alleviating soil erosion around rivers and lakes.

Christmas trees make excellent landscaping supplies and JK Enterprise Landscaping Supply would be happy to help with processing the tree into mulch or aiding in ensuring old Christmas trees are utilized effectively! Happy Holidays!

*Please note this in regards to real Christmas trees. Never, ever attempt to cut up or mulch a fake Christmas tree.