Speed Up Your Summer Yard Chores With Mulch

June 20, 2012
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Outdoor maintenance can be the bane of homeowners, especially when your thumb is not exactly green. Weeds can easily take over foundation plantings and flower beds, especially when it’s all most of us can do to keep up with weekly mowing. Not to mention, untamed trees can potentially fall on your property or your roof of your home.

Luckily, with a little bit of planning on the front end, you can create an attractive, easy-care yard.

Mulch Existing Beds

Mulch is a powerful tool in a number of ways. First, a thick layer of mulch deters weeds. With a thick enough layer of mulch (think 6-8 inches), you don’t even need to put down landscape fabric. The few weeds that do take root are scraggly and easily pulled.

Second, mulch conserves moisture, meaning you’ll almost never have to water. As a rule of thumb, if it has rained in the last week to 10 days, you don’t need to pull out the hose.

Finally, a mulched bed looks extremely attractive and professional, and creates a good impression of your home.

Mulch Wide Swaths Around Trees

If you want to further improve the efficiency of your mowing and yard care, mulch the area under trees. Chances are the grass barely grows there anyway, and it’s annoying and time consuming to have to mow under and around the branches and trunk.

And you don’t have to be conservative with the size of your mulch beds. Trees have a root network at least as large as the spread of their branches, meaning that the tree roots are in direct competition with the grass roots, which may negatively impact the health of your lawn. Be generous– that’s less mowing for you!

Put in Permanent Mulched or Gravelled Rock Gardens or Patios

The ultimate in low-care yards are permanent stone and gravel installations. They’re not for everyone. In spite of the hassles, many people still love the look of lawn. But if you’re child-free, away a lot, and like the spartan look of rock gardens, you can give it a try. JK Enterprises also has a wide selection of stone, aggregates and pavers, and can assist you with deciding what’s right for you.

For all your mulching needs, contact JK Enterprise.