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Our stone and aggregates

If you are looking for large landscaping stones, river wash gravel, very small pea gravel, crushed stone, recycled concrete, and much more, we have you covered. Order online or give us a call to have stone and gravel delivered directly to your driveway.

Why Buy Gravel and Stone from JK?

As one of the largest gravel and stone suppliers in Northern Virginia, you know that you are buying the highest quality gravel and stone when you buy from JK.

We carry a wide variety of gravel and stone, from river jack to pea gravel to masonry sand. No matter what your landscaping project, we have the materials to get the job done. We can deliver them right to your door!

Our Stone and Aggregates

#21A Stone (Patio Base)
This crushed blue stone, finely screened to a uniform size, holds compaction and makes a great base for stone patios and walkways. Available in bulk or bagged.

#57 Grey Stone
If you need to make a parking area or driveway without breaking the bank, #57 Grey Stone is an excellent choice. Made from crushed blue stone, it drains well. Available in bulk or bagged.

#57 Red Rock
An inexpensive option for building a driveway or parking area with a red tinge. This product is a good drainage media and made from crushed red stone. Available in bulk or bagged.

#8 Red Stone
Red Stone can be decorative or it can be used as a strong drainage material for a large project. Available in bulk.

Concrete Sand
Ideal for pipe bedding or a paver base, our concrete sand can also be easily blended with soil amendments. It makes for a good drainage medium. Available in bulk.

Masonry Sand
Our masonry sand can be used as a paver base, fill material, or sandbox sand. It is finely screened, washed, and graded. Available in bulk.

MD River Jack 1”-5”
Our river jack is a good decorative gravel for use around pools or planting beds. It elevates the look of any drainage areas. Available in bulk.

Pea Gravel ¼”-½”
Add contrast to your landscaping while reducing weed growth. This white and cream gravel will keep your landscape looking great for years to come. Available in bulk.

River Jack 1”-3”
A colorful way to add texture to your flower beds, ponds, and pathways. These smooth rocks are screened to the correct size. Available in bulk.
*NOTE: River Jacks vary in shape from round to oblong, with the measurement marked by the smallest side of the stone.

River Jack 3”-5”
A larger version of river jack, which also works in flower beds, ponds, and pathways. This product passes through a larger screen. Available in bulk.
*NOTE: River Jacks vary in shape from round to oblong, with the measurement marked by the smallest side of the stone.

River Wash
Accent landscaped areas with a variety of rocks and stones screened through ¾”-1”. Available in bulk.

Available in bulk.

Salt/Sand Mix
Available in bulk.

All Purpose Sand
Level pavers or concrete mix or add traction control in places where you need water to drain easily. Our sand is screened for consistency. Available bagged.

Why Have Gravel and Stone Delivered?

Gravel and stone are great buys for homeowners because:

  • They’re economical
  • They’re easy to use
  • They last a long time
  • They work in a lot of situations

Stone and Gravel are Economical

For home and property owners on a tight budget, stone and gravel are a miracle! Many other landscaping materials require mixing, cutting, curing, and measuring which only add to the final cost of the project. Furthermore, surface materials such as concrete and asphalt are not do-it-yourself friendly. In particular, these materials demand the use of experts and the costs of labor can add up rather quickly. However, stone and gravel only need very basic preparations, which will save you tons of money in the long run. Our stone and gravel are washed thoroughly to provide a high quality and consistent product. It is then ready to be delivered to you. You save even more with JK Enterprise as we are the stone and gravel producer, allowing you to buy direct. Home and property owners that desire to cover a large area will adore the cost savings we can provide on stone and gravel. Asphalt and concrete driveways can often cost a substantial amount to have constructed. However, using stone and gravel instead can help save money. If you have got a large area to fill in, they are the economical choice.

Stone and Gravel are Simple to Install

When compared to other surface materials, stone and gravel are simple to handle. No mixing or curing is required, and you will not be on your hands and knees using masonry sand to fine-tune. Also, it is not necessary to have materials cut to fit a specific location. Stone and gravel can be delivered directly to your driveway, spread over the desired area, graded as needed, and given a week to settle in. That is all. That is quite literally the entire installation process for stone and gravel. You will not believe it until you see how easy it truly is.

Stone and Gravel are Tough

Stone and gravel landscaping with proper attention to installation and maintenance can last a lifetime. During inclement weather and harsh storms, they stay put because they are heavy. Additionally, they are porous, allowing water to seep through without pushing them around and deforming the structure. Since you will not need to update or replace your landscaping as often, this is another reason that stone and gravel will save a bundle of money over time. A metal drain will rust away long before a dry stone creek bed erodes. A stone or gravel driveway that is properly maintained will still look beautiful long after a concrete driveway has cracked and faded. Stone and gravel are the optimal choices when looking to solve your landscaping problem once and for all.

Stone and Gravel are Simple to Maintain

Stone and gravel landscaping projects are exceedingly easy to maintain and keep looking awesome. Additionally, properly graded surfaces created using stone and gravel will not wash out or become riddled with potholes. If your stone or gravel occasionally gets depressions or dips it is good to keep some extra stone or gravel on hand. To fill it in, just throw some extra on top of the deformation and it will settle in and compact itself. On top of that, you will want to spread a new layer of stone or gravel onto the old layer every few years to ensure its beauty and functionality. Furthermore, it is a good idea to spray your landscaping with a weed killer even if you placed a weed cloth. Remember, weeds will always find a way, and it is best to attack them from the get-go. Chemical solutions work quite well when it comes to stone and gravel landscaping options.

Stone and Gravel Look Great

Stone and gravel are not only highly functional but also extremely beautiful to look at! Furthermore, our huge selection of products gives you a massive assortment of options from large landscaping stones to stone dust. Also, our wide array of color options allows you to experiment with the overall look of your landscaping features. Stone and gravel will provide your home with a rustic charm that visitors to your property or home will appreciate. Whether seeking a simple and casual gravel patio or beautiful and functional stone flower bed, stone and gravel are not only economical but look great while performing their functions.

Stone and Gravel Have a Million Uses


Stone and gravel are highly affordable for creating driveways, especially compared to the often expensive concrete or asphalt costs. This is one of the main reasons our customers often prefer to build their driveways using stone or gravel. It is also fully capable of supporting heavy loads without cracking or sinking under pressure. Also, it allows water to pass through easily, meaning you will not have to fret about runoff issues. Perhaps most importantly, stone and gravel are the perfect options for the do it yourself types as they are easily installed.


A yard with poor drainage can be a huge headache for home and property owners alike. These issues can be costly, especially when it leads to flooded basements or drowned lawns that are essentially swamplands. These problems are expensive to begin with but the cost only rises when the problem is allowed to sit there and rot. Stone and gravel are the optimal material to approach these issues giving the ability to keep your yard looking beautiful while also diverting water before it can pool up. Small River Jack or 2-inch River Wash are some striking drainage options that resemble decorative features. A very popular drainage solution is what is known as the French drain. This method involves digging a trench from the problem location to one with better drainage. A permeable pipe is then laid down in the trench and then covered with stone or gravel. Water will then trickle through the stone or gravel into the pipe instead of pooling, which is then directed away from the problematic area.

Erosion Control

The quickest way to ruin a yard is to have unmanaged erosion. Wind, water, and heavy traffic can remove your topsoil leaving behind an ugly and unproductive land. Erosion also indicates that your lawn is not absorbing water optimally. This means that every single time that it rains, your lawn will expand and contract. Only leading to more and more loosening and applying more pressure to your foundation. Foundational problems in your home can be a high cost, meaning that controlling erosion will be one of your top priorities.

Flower Beds

Contrasting decorative stone and gravel can make your flowers pop! Flowers and other plants look amazing when placed against a neutral backdrop of stone or gravel. Furthermore, stone and gravel do not require the same labor-intensive maintenance schedule as mulch. They also tend to hold onto the heat well, giving your topsoil warmth to nurture your plants. On top of that, you do not have to worry about erosion as you would with traditional topsoil. Larger stones can also act as a decorative accent to your flower beds but with the bonus of erosion control while also providing heat.


Stone and gravel pathways are an excellent option for improving drainage while also controlling mud. They are an economical and beautiful option when looking to expand upon your usable space. Also, as with most stone and gravel applications, they require very little maintenance, making them ideal for the budget-conscious. Stone and gravel make an excellent option for those looking to blend their outdoor space with the natural landscape around them.


We also offer stone and gravel that are suited for strictly functional uses. For example, recycled concrete functions best when used for a specific service such as construction entrances or to stabilize muddy areas. Stone and gravel are perfect for laying down as a bed for drainage pipes and concrete slabs. If you are seeking a filler, then you will not do any better than our crushed stone.

As the producer, you can get the highest quality product for the best prices when using JK Enterprises Landscape Supply LLC. We proudly serve the DC area with the best-looking and most affordable stone and gravel in the industry. If you seek a superior stone and gravel delivery service, then call us or order online today.