How To Use A Stone Fire Pit In Your Backyard

August 23, 2021
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Most of us have memories of backyard bonfires in our youth. While the safety and aesthetics may have been questionable (gasoline as a lighter fluid, anyone?) no one can deny that there are few things as cheerful and intimate as sitting around a fire pit.

Which raises the question of why your home patio doesn’t have a fire pit? You can’t make s’mores with just a grill. You can’t snuggle your sweetie up close without a fire to warm the parts of you that aren’t getting snuggled. You know what you have to do: Build a fire pit.

How to Build A Stone Fire pit

Luckily, building a fire pit is a fairly simple job.

In the planning stages, you’ll want to make sure you’re familiar with any building codes or municipal restrictions of outdoor fires. Overhanging tree branches or nearby bushes may also present a hazard, so make sure you have a good buffer zone around your proposed fire pit location.

You will need plenty of space around your fire pit anyway, because you will need to plan how you will arrange the seating. Patio chairs around a stone ring is the basic execution of this idea, but could it be more sophisticated than that?

Let Your Imagination Handle the Details

Do you want a recessed pit, or maybe one with a chimney? If it doubled as a grill, that would be cool, right? What if it was square or rectangular instead of round? How big would it be? How tall? Remember that you’ll want the size of the fires you build to match the size of the pit, and also bear in mind that larger fires will take much longer to burn down.

This falls outside of the “quick and easy” project category a little bit, but you might want to consider more permanent seating arrangements than patio furniture. A U-shaped bench with a high back to keep the heat in could be a welcome addition.

Once you have a design in mind and some preliminary plans, head into JK Enterprise and show us your idea. We’ll help you order all the supplies you need to get the look you want. It’s possible you could even go home with everything you need– we keep a lot of merchandise in stock, and a fire pit isn’t a very big purchase.

Whenever you’re ready to make your backyard just a little more cozy, give us a call at JK Enterprises. We’ll be able to help you with your project from start to finish.