Summer Gardening Tips for Beautiful Blooms

June 20, 2011
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Summer gardening can be incredibly rewarding, but with it comes a to-do list of how to maintain your summer blooms while also preparing for the onset of cooler weather in the fall. Throughout the summer it is really important to stay on top of the needs of your garden and keep up with its maintenance. Following a few simple tips will help preserve the beauty of your summer garden and allow you to delight in your enjoyment of gardening.

Water your garden

Although water is at a premium during the hot summer months, it is critically important that your garden get enough of it. New plants, trees or flowers are especially dependent up extra watering in order to stay nourished and become properly established in the hot summer weather.

Prune all plant life, shrubs, and trees

Spring produces new growth of blooms, leaves, and the like, and summer pruning will bring many benefits. Pruning can contribute to healthy new growth and will lead to an increase in blooms the following spring. For those varietals that have the ability to rebloom, getting rid of faded blossoms will encourage new growth.

Keep an on eye out for pests and disease

New plant life will attract some friendly and not-so-friendly visitors to your garden. It is vital that you keep a close eye on anything suspicious and immediately remedy any issue of pests or disease that might pose a threat to the health or appearance of your garden. It is important to mention that watering is important to the health of your garden, but overwatering will lead to damp soil which is inviting to some unwanted pests and disease.

Fall gardening can produce beautiful blooms in the spring

Many types of bulbs must be planted in the fall so they will remain dormant and protected in the winter and prompted to grow with spring temperatures. Bulb-growing plant life is best planted at the end of the summer season in order to produce eye-catching blooms the following spring.

Gardening is easy enough when kept up with and properly maintained. If you take the time to complete these simple tasks, you will be rewarded with an enviable spring and summer garden.

Happy gardening! Contact us if you have any questions.