Technology and Landscaping: How It Can Help

February 22, 2011
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The snowstorms haven’t quite subsided yet but that doesn’t mean planning for spring and summer landscaping designs can’t begin now. Although it might be harder than usual to draw inspiration when the ground outside is still cold and icy, visions can become tangible and developed with the aid of technological devices such as iPads and digital cameras.

Tablet PC’s such as iPads (or iPhones even) have many applications to download or purchase that can help with the first few designs or with inspiration. Many of these applications allow for the ability to draw, create, drag and drop shrubbery, trees, plants and even hardscaping and ones that even allow for simulation to show how the new design will look on the actual space in question.

Digital cameras, although not as “smart” as tablet PC’s or smart phones, actually go a step further in this process and can serve as a shoebox of ideas. Step outside and snap photos from every angle of the area. Ask questions such as “How does this area look when someone quickly drives by?” “How does area look while strolling by?” and the most important question, “What should this area look like?” A digital camera can also serve as an ‘idea shoebox,’ in a sense as well if used correctly. Is there a favorite landscaped lawn in the neighborhood? Snap a photo. Driving by or out running errands and see a really nice hardscaping or a nicely laid out garden with mulch? Snap a photo.

These tasks may sound simple but an actual fact is that they can serve as tremendous aids inspiration. For those who are on the amateur side of landscaping or for those who hire out a landscaper, being able to present photos of likes and dislikes could save not only time but also money. By narrowing down a few choice “wants” and drawing from inspiration collected over time or simulated through a technological application, everything will be coming up roses (and more!) come spring 2011!