The Benefits of Mulch In Every Season

October 1, 2022
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The frigid temperatures of winter send many landscapers inside as their plants and gardens ‘hibernate’ for the winter, however, mulch is a landscaping supply that can be used year-round and in all climates.

Mulch in the Winter

As plants and lawns die out for the winter seasons, many landscapers express concerns over the aesthetic value of their lawn, as dry grass and fallen leaves are not the lawn accessories that many landscapers view as ideal. As some landscapers add holiday decor to distract the eye, the use of mulch can also help. Mulch can help define flower beds, can add color and definition amongst plans as well as sculpt new designs. Winter is the ideal time to ‘re-mulch’ as mulch does fade in color every six months and by using fresh, crisp mulch in the winter months will contribute to a more aesthetically pleasing landscape design.

Mulch in the Spring & Fall

During the warmer months of spring and even fall, mulch can aid in the war against weeds. Germination from weed seeds is much more successful when the areas around the weeds are bare. Mulch can cover the areas and therefore inhibit contact from the seeds and the bare ground. Regular weeding and re-arrangement of mulch can further stop weeds from spreading and germinating even more.

Mulch in the Summer

Moisture retention amongst plans and lawns in the summer months is another added benefit of mulch. As the hot summer days wear on and plants and lawns begin to suffer from dehydration under the hot sun, mulch can assist with the need to continuously water these areas. Adding just a 2 inch layer (no more than 3 inches) of mulch in the summer can help lawns retain moisture which not only benefits lawns but also water bills.

JK Enterprise Landscape Supply suggests adding mulch in the late spring and again in the early winter or late fall. Not only can mulch add the benefits listed above to lawns and gardens but adding more mulch in the winter can also help keep plant and flower roots warm, allowing them to survive through the cold temperatures and bloom again in spring. Happy mulching!