The Top Trends in Landscaping for Summer 2011

March 15, 2011
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The ‘spring forward’ time change this past week has given many homeowners and landscapers an extra hour of daylight. No longer are homeowners commuting home in the dark and many landscapers are welcoming the sunlight past 6 pm, giving them a little extra time to work on their projects.

Although spring has just arrived, landscaping trends for summer 2011 are already on the radar. As discussed in last week’s post, 2011 is showing a gradual improvement of the economy and homeowners are investing and spending money on landscaping endeavors more so than ever. Whether it be a re-design, an add on or a new project, take a peek at the top expected trends in landscaping for this summer!

1. Big & Bold

Loud colors? Check. Bright flowers? Check. It’s all about deep reds, vibrant blues, lush greens and midnight purples. Many analysts note that this is in retaliation to the abnormally cold winter much of the US experienced and homeowners and landscapers are replying to the frigid temperatures with hot colors.

2. Stone Pathways/Driveways

In a previous post, how to incorporate pavers and stone into a driveway redesign was discussed and wouldn’t ya know? It’s a top noted trend for summer 2011. Pea gravel, textured stone and pavers are “all the rage” this summer as many homeowners are choosing to cover up the cracks their driveways suffered from the freezing temps of winter.

3. Converting

Say what? Yes, converting. Converting indoor areas to outdoor areas. Work from home? What about an outdoor home office? Have a part of a shed or garage not in use? Convert it to an outdoor living area. Homeowners are getting creative with utilizing excess space and many are choosing to bring the great outdoors in.

4. Eco-friendly and low maintenance

Homeowners are getting wiser about where their dollars go, in much thanks to the recession, and many are choosing to design gardens and outdoor areas that are eco-friendly and relatively low maintenance. Micro-irrigation systems, decorative composts and small gardens are just a few ways homeowners are ensuring their landscaped lawns are aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well as to the environment.

These are the top landscaping trends expected for summer 2011. Any trends you’ll be incorporating or any new ones you’d like to see? JK Enterprise Landscaping would love to hear them!