What Landscaping Stones Should I Buy?

March 8, 2021
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There’s so much more to landscape design than you probably think there is. If you are familiar with landscape design, you know that it’s the little details that make a design special and unique — what small details do you see in your own yard? While you may be surprised, that’s what people pay the most attention to when they step foot on your property. It’s the final touches — the artisan’s imprint — that give every yard its own flair. It’s the little, delicate touches that transform a bland normal into an elegant statement piece. Whether that’s lighting, types of stones, accent designs, or beautiful garden beds, these little details bring intentionality and craftsmanship to your property. Read on to learn more about the gravel and stones involved in landscape design. 

Stones and gravel elevate the appearance of your yard. That’s why choosing the write stones for your property is important– and there are a variety to choose from depending on what they are being used for. Stones are both affordable and easy to install, making your landscaping design both beautiful and surprisingly low maintenance. 

Landscaping Stones for your Driveway 

Many people don’t know that gravel is great for driveways! When you think of a driveway, what do you picture– asphalt, or concrete perhaps? While these are common materials for building driveways, stones will make any driveway look more elegant and artistic. 

Gravel is sturdier than asphalt and concrete– it doesn’t sink and it does a great job diverting water and fighting off erosion. Gravel is also an affordable option. We recommend Grey Stone as the best gravel for a beautiful driveway design. This gravel drains water exceptionally well, thanks to its thick composition (three-fourths of an inch thick). With the 57 BlueStone Gravel, your house will stand out and look unique compared to the common asphalt driveway.

Landscaping Stones for Drains

If you live in a rainy area, you will benefit from the water drainage that gravel and stones provide. Gravel and stones will help drain your yard to keep it looking beautiful all the time. With the French drain method, a perforated pipe is inserted under a layer of gravel to re-route water. The River Wash stone (in varieties varying from 1 to 3 inches wide) is an excellent choice for draining yard from your yard. You can choose from a variety of tannish hues. The lovely River Wash stones bring a nice accent to your driveway. These small stones are perfect for solving the issue of drainage by diverting water away and also giving your landscape that enviable, manicured look.

Landscaping Stones that Halt Soil Erosion

When designing landscaping, you must also consider the problem of erosion. Most natural materials erode over time and depending on variant weather conditions. When the topsoil of your garden bed or yard erodes, the area is damaged and loses nutrients. Ample erosion can also threaten the foundation of your house if water on the lawn is not properly absorbed. That’s what it’s important to consider erosion control when purchasing landscaping design materials. The River Jacks, 1 to 3 inches in size, bites erosion in the bud before it can cause destruction. The gorgeous, classic look of the River Jacks adds a lovely and natural-looking design touch to any yard. The River Jacks can be found in a variety of gray hues and in different shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a bigger stone, we recommend wall stone to combat soil erosion. The wall stone has more of a warm tone and subtle reddish hues. Both the River Jacks and the Gabion Stone are excellent choices for your next landscaping project. 

Best Landscaping Stones for Flower Beds

What makes a beautiful flower bed beautiful? Often, the answer is found in the small details — especially the stones used. To give your flower bed a charming and manicured look, choose stones carefully. Every stone is different– you can find flower bed stones in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. This depends on the look you are going for. For example, you want to make a big statement — maybe opt for larger stones. Or, let’s say you have a bed full of bright, vibrantly-colored flowers. In that case, you may want more neutral-colored stones to contrast the flowers. Generally, larger, more spread-out flower beds look better with small stones. The River Wash and Small River Jack are all excellent options for your flower bed. The River Wash gravel and Small River Jack add a natural look to any landscape.

Best Landscaping Stones for your Pathways

It’s important to choose the right stones for any landscaping project– this is especially true for pathways, which make a big statement. The kind of stones you choose are important when it comes to water drainage as well as maintaining the path’s durability over time. Pathways look great leading up to your house, to a backyard, garden, or connecting a deck or patio to the house. These pathways can bring a lovely environment to your yard and property by connecting different areas or sections of the yard to one another. For a stunning and cohesive-looking path, opt for the Grey Stone and/or the Pea Gravel. They are both small varieties of gravel that make it easy to walk on. For a larger stone that clearly marks and defines a pathway, we recommend using the River Rock stones.

Bedding Landscaping Stones

Bedding stones aid with water draining, controlling erosion, and stormwater infiltration. We recommend the Patio Base and the Stone Dust for a natural, subtle design. They are both highly functional options that will make your landscaping design flourish and remain durable for years to come. Stone Dust can also be used for other construction projects. 

We know, we know … there are just so many stones to choose from. Variety is the spice of life, and we embrace it at JK Enterprise. Whether you want a stand-out manicured, cohesive design or just a small subtle and natural touch to your landscaping, we have plenty of options for you to choose from. Landscaping stones are a must-have for anyone interested in creating a beautiful yard to show off their property. Start your design on the right foot by ordering landscaping stones and calling JK Enterprise today!