Which Stones are Best for Landscaping?

July 15, 2021
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Looking at a garden or landscaping project, your eyes may initially be drawn to the plants. The plants, after all, are what give a garden its defining character. But too many gardeners or landscapers – amateurs and professionals alike – pay plenty of attention to the plants without paying enough attention to what surrounds them. But the decorations and customizations in your garden other than the plants are often what takes a landscaped space from nice to breathtaking. These small details can include many types of embellishments, such as mulch, statues, or stones. In this article, we will focus on discussing the stones, including how to choose them and what they can do to take your garden to the next level.

Adding stones or gravel to your garden is always a great choice because they have practical as well as aesthetic benefits. Plus, incorporating stones into your garden is hassle-free – it’s one of the easiest garden improvement projects you can do! Depending on your type of garden or outdoor space, there are a variety of stones that you can choose from.

Stones for Driveways

Although it is not technically a garden or a site of much landscaping, making your driveway welcoming and appealing is a big part of establishing a positive ambiance outside of your home. When thinking about how to improve your driveway, gravel is often an excellent option. Gravel is suitable for driveways in part because it won’t sink into the ground over time, which concrete and asphalt both might do. And if you choose gravel over asphalt, you won’t just avoid the sinking issue, but you’ll also save money! Gravel is one of the most economical landscaping options, and it looks great in driveways. At JK Enterprise, we offer some of the best gravel available on the market, and our 57 Bluestone Gravel is a perfect choice for your driveway. This gravel is especially good at allowing for sufficient water drainage so that your driveway area doesn’t become swamped when it rains. And it’ll make your driveway the most aesthetically pleasing one in your whole neighborhood!

Stones for Drains

Just as gravel allows for drainage in your driveway, it can be even more useful for facilitating drainage in your yard. In order to prevent your yard from becoming waterlogged from rain or your hose, you can create a structure known as a “French Drain” which combined a drainage pipe and gravel. When it comes to gravel for your yard, we recommend one- to three-inch River Wash gravel. This choice of gravel will not only cover any pipe you install and do a great job of facilitating the drainage of water, but it also serves as a beautiful accent to your yard. There are several shades of tan and brownstones to choose from for just this purpose at JK Enterprise, and they are sure to be both practical and attractive.

Stones for Preventing Erosion

Erosion is an environmental issue worldwide, and it can also be an issue in your garden or in the other outdoor spaces around your house. For one, if you allow the soil in your garden to fall victim to erosion, your garden may lose many of the valuable nutrients it needs to survive. Even worse, having an erosion problem in your outdoor spaces can prevent your grass or garden from absorbing water, which in turn may lead to damage to the foundation of your home! It is crucial to take proactive measures to prevent erosion so that these issues don’t arise.

We recommend using the Surge Gray Stone to prevent erosion in your yard. This type of stone has a beautiful, natural deep gray color, and it will do a lot to decrease the chances of problematic erosion by strengthening the soil that they are placed in. Another good option for erosion prevention is Gabion Stones. These are a larger option than the Surge Gray Stone and they also have a deeper, reddish color.

Stones for your Flower Beds

One of the classic spots for stone accents and embellishments is in and around flower beds. But not just any stone will do! It is ultimately a matter of taste which stones you use for your flower bed, but when you shop with JK Enterprise, there are many stone types to serve as inspiration for your garden design. Some of our best stones for flower beds are the River Wash or the 57 Red Brick Colored Stone. We recommend adding accent stones that contract the flowers and plants while also serving as a unifying visual influence in your garden.

Stones for Pathways

Because of all of the reasons that stones are useful for drainage, they are an especially useful material for pathways through or around your garden or yard. Pathways can really take your outdoor spaces to the next level, whether they are connecting your front and back yard, connecting your yard to your house, or just serving as a labyrinth-esque walkway that loops around and through your beautifully decorated outdoor spaces! Our stone which facilitates drainage will help keep the perfect level of moisture in your yard throughout the seasons. Although you might want to look into other options for building a flat patio, our stones are an excellent option for elevated and charming pathways that bring your yard together into one cohesive environment.

Some good stones for pathways that we offer at JK Enterprise include the Bluestone Gravel and the Pea Gravel. These types of gravel work well for pathways because they are small and good for walking over. For larger stone pathways, the River Rock is often a good option.

Stones for Bedding

Using stones for bedding is one of the most practical uses for stones in your garden or yard. For bedding, our 21-A Recycled Concrete and RC2 Recycled Concrete are great options. While these are not our most beautiful stones, they serve their purpose exceedingly well when used for bedding. These stone options can do wonders for drainage problems in your garden or for preventing erosion.

No matter what your gardening needs are, JK Enterprise offers stones that can take your outdoor environment to the next level. Whether for utilitarian or aesthetic purposes, never overlook the enormous potential of incorporating stones into your outdoor environment.