Why Buy Red Mulch?

June 1, 2021
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We all know you need mulch for any good garden, but if you want to take a garden or an outdoor space to the next level aesthetically, you should be looking for red mulch specifically. Red mulch can be preferable to other mulches for a variety of reasons, and JKEnterprise has the finest red mulch in the market in our Ruby Red Color Enhanced Mulch.

Red Mulch Looks Better

No matter how much thought you put into your garden, sometimes the arrangement and selection of the plants alone just can’t fulfill your aesthetic vision for your outside space. It is in situations like this that red mulch can serve as the perfect finishing touch to make your garden greens come true.

Because the deep red hues of our mulch contrast so well with the greens, browns, and pinks of a garden or flowerbed, red mulch can create clean, strong visual lines in a natural space which transforms a cluttered collection of plants and flowers into a delicate, even artistic arrangement. Red mulch catches the onlooker’s eye but is not too loud or distracting as to draw one’s attention away from the plants themselves.  And because red is such a versatile color, JKEnterprise’s Ruby Red Color Enhanced Mulch looks great in a garden or lot with any floral color palette.

Alternatively, instead of distributing red mulch across an entire garden or natural space, it can also be used as an accent or border. Red mulch is great, for example, for separating stone walkways from earthen plots. Halfway between man-made and naturally occurring, red mulch is a perfect transitional material that can be used to bridge aesthetic gaps and give your entire yard a more harmonious sense. Plus, placing red mulch around edges of man-made structures can help prevent overgrowth, because red mulch suppresses weeds.

Red Mulch Protects Against Weeds

Aside from its abundant aesthetic advantages, red mulch is also practically useful. It can actually prevent weeds from growing and spreading in your garden through a combination of two strategies: suffocation and obstruction.

Suffocation of weeds can be achieved by completely covering an already weed-infested plot with red mulch. If you cover the earth and weeds with enough red mulch to block sunlight from reaching them, the weeds will be unable to create their food and will die in no time. Red mulch can prevent new weed sprouts from growing in this way.

Obstruction by red mulch can prevent new weeds from entering your garden and harming the plants within it. When your garden is at least partially covered by red mulch, seeds from undesirable wild plants which blow into your garden are likely to land on the mulch rather than on the earth itself. If they are obstructed from landing in your garden by the red mulch, then they will not be able to imbed themselves in the soil and grow.

For more difficult weed infestations, red mulch can be an important part of a multi-faceted approach. To get rid of weeds that won’t seem to go away, it can be helpful to dig up your garden completely and spread herbicide granules through it. Then, put weed cloths in the earth and cover them with wood chips. As a final layer, use a healthy amount of red mulch on top of it all. In this arrangement, the red mulch helps keep herbicide granules in the ground so that your weed problem does not return.

Red Mulch Keeps Soil Moist

Red mulch can also be helpful in making sure the dirt in your garden stays as moist as your plants like it to be. When red mulch is in place protecting the soil from wind gusts and sunlight, soil retains its moisture.

Red Mulch Can Keep Away Insects

Red mulch can even help you deal with any insect problems you may face. Red mulch contains cedarwood, with in turn contains thujone, a strong-smelling compound that deters many insects. A layer of red mulch can make your garden a much less appealing place for bugs that wish your plants harm.

Red Mulch Protects Your Soil

Instead of leaving your garden vulnerable to the whims of nature, use red mulch to stop the extremes of hot and cold from negatively affecting your soil. When it’s too cold, red mulch can keep heat in the soil, and when the sunlight is too strong and direct, red mulch can protect your soil from the heat.

Red Mulch Prevents Your Soil from Compacting

One of the most frustrating parts of gardening is dealing with compacting the soil. The amount of hoeing and grueling physical labor required to loosen up firmly compacted soil is enough to turn people off of gardening altogether. But if you leave your soil compacted, your plants might not have enough room to grow, and water might not be able to reach them.

Although it may not prevent compaction completely, a layer of red mulch can drastically decrease the amount of compacting that occurs in your garden. The mulch can protect the soil from footsteps, harsh weather, and other factors that may otherwise serve to pack your dirt into a dense, unworkable mess. When red mulch absorbs much of these impacts, it leaves your soil to be that much freer and looser.

Red Mulch Enriches Soil

Red mulch also serves as a valuable soil amendment. When combined with other amendments like leaf mulch or fertilizer, it can serve as a catalyst to spread additional nutrients throughout your garden to keep your plants looking radiant. Just red mulch alone can even help keep your soil nutrient-rich by keeping the nutrients that are already in the garden in place and by preventing compaction.

Red Mulch Installation


Before beginning to implement your red mulch project, you have to know how much mulch you need. We recommend one cubic yard of mulch for every 108 square feet of space.


Use a rake to clear and smooth the entire area that you plan to mulch. Hold onto any debris that you clear from the area, it will come in handy later.


It’s no fun, but it’s got to be done. Remove any unwelcome plans from your garden.


Set the boundaries of your garden using a power edger or an edging shovel. Remember, the edge of your garden should never be closer than 8 inches away from the foundation of your house or building.


Now go find the debris which you saved while clearing the garden. Any organic material within this debris should be put back into the garden, as it will enriche your soil with nutrients. Safely dispose of any non-organic debris.


Use any safe soil amendments in your garden that you wish. Put these in before the red mulch, as it will keep it them place. This would also be the time to put down weed cloth if you want to use it in your garden.

Spread it!

Finally, it’s time to spread your beautiful JKEnterprise Ruby Red Color Enhanced Mulch throughout your garden. Make sure to make the layer at least 3 inches deep for best results.