Why You Need Landscaping Gravel

March 15, 2021
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If you’re looking for a way to make your yard more attractive with a unique and eye-catching material, landscaping gravel is the material for you. Landscaping gravel is great for all types of yards, and it can also be a useful tool for setting pipes in new places and setting borders for fountains and other water installations. Whether you need a landscaping material for practical minor construction projects or purely aesthetic uses like walkways or flower beds, landscaping gravel is the best material you can buy. And aside from being beautiful and easy to use, gravel is better for the environment than most other landscaping materials.

Landscaping Gravel is Great for Driveways

One of the best uses for landscaping gravel is for building an attractive, smooth driveway. Unlike some other material which you might consider for driveway construction, landscaping gravel is made from pure, high-quality crushed stone. This makes it great at diverting water and moisture and will prevent your driveway from flooding or becoming saturated with water.

Another advantage of Bluestone landscaping gravel over flat stone is that it’s much cheaper, while still being at least as high quality. And it’s easy enough to transport and install that you can create your new driveway all by yourself. Landscaping gravel is also a flexible enough material that if you want to change or remodel your driveway, you can simply pave over it with no complications. You will also have the most beautiful driveway in your neighborhood thanks to the deep blue-grey color of Grey Stone Gravel.

Landscaping Gravel is Great for Pipe Bedding

Landscaping gravel is at least equally useful for using for safely and easily setting pipes securely in place. If you are using a pipe to divert water or move it from one place to another, landscaping gravel will not only keep it in place, but it will protect it from cracks and damage and can also serve as a drainage bed for any excess water around your pipes. If you want to use gravel for pipe bedding, we recommend the Grey Stone, or else the River Wash or Pea Gravel.

Landscaping Gravel is Perfect for Drainage

For similar reasons that landscaping gravel is good for pipe bedding, it also is the perfect choice for any type of water drainage that you need to do in your yard. You can easily and quickly deal with water that needs to be drained by digging a hole and filling it with landscaping gravel, especially the types which are especially designed for drains. Once again, some of the better types of gravel for water drainage include River Wash and Pea Gravel. If you are using gravel to help with water drainage in your yard, we recommend that you also install a perforated pipe or a dry well to assist with that purpose.

Landscaping Gravel is Perfect for Flower Beds

One of the best aesthetic applications of landscaping gravel is in flower beds. Because of the relatively dull and muted color palettes of landscaping gravels, surrounding your flowers and other plants with a layer of landscaping gravel makes the bright colors of your beautiful floral arrangements pop like never before.

And remember, landscaping gravel is extremely useful for drainage of all types, which can be good for flower beds because the gravel will help prevent water from building up around the roots of your flowers and potentially killing the plants. Plus, they are a great addition to your garden because of the ease with which you can add it – you could fill your flower bed with it in minutes! When adding gravel to your garden, we recommend that you also use some sort of weed killer or plastic sheet to prevent weeds from growing in your garden. Once you’ve put down the gravel, use a block of wood to spread them out and make the depth equivalent all around.

Landscaping Gravel is Great for Pathways

Finally, one of the best, and most intuitive uses for landscaping gravel is for making a beautiful and useful pathway for the front of your home or business. Setting beds of gravel with sand or pavers is a great option for building a pathway that can help your guests avoid mud, and that can add a beautiful, castle-like ambiance to your front yard, designed in any shape you can imagine! These walkways are not only attractive, but they are extremely easy to maintain.

Pathways full of small landscaping gravel are a classic and striking choice. If you want to mix it up a little, try incorporating some larger stones into the pathway, set artfully among the tiny stones which make up your gravel. Another option is to use river walks, which are especially beautiful because of the soft curves they can allow you to add to our walkways. They are also useful, as always, for preventing water buildup and keeping your pathways clean and dry.

All you have to do to build a pathway that can last a lifetime is to switch out the landscaping gravel and sand you used to build it every few years.

We recommend building gravel paths that have a width of at least 36 inches. That way, two adults can walk side by side on it without having to stray from the path. But other than that guideline, the possibilities for your landscaping gravel pathway are endless! Don’t be scared to get creative with the shape of your walkway, and you can even add special visual accents to the path, like painted rocks, for an especially eye-catching yard and pathway.

With landscaping gravel and stone, you have the tools to meet your landscaping needs while letting your artistic vision show itself in your yard. Whatever your landscaping needs are, JK Enterprise can help you address them with landscaping gravel and more. If you are located in Northern Virginia or Maryland, we can deliver all types of gravel and stone right to your door, and we can do it with no additional charge! Reach out to one of the landscaping experts at JK Enterprise today!