Buy Wood Chips Direct and Save

Here at JK Enterprise Landscape Supply, LLC we produce wood chips and playground carpet mulch that can be delivered directly to your door. Click for answers to Ordering Questions or Contact Us.

Wood chips

We produce our high-quality wood chips from locally sourced materials. They are great for wooded areas and pathways and a perfect addition to your landscape.

Why Buy Wood Chips from JK?

As the provider of much of the area’s wood chips, we have the best prices around. When you shop with JK, you save. We keep strict control over the production process, so all our wood chips meet our high-quality standards. We don’t use any additives or chemical treatments.

If you’ve got a project that calls for wood chips, purchase online or give us a call. We can deliver directly to you.

Wood Chips
Build paths or tree rings that blend into wooded areas. Wood chips suppress weed growth and are long-lasting. Available in bulk.

Why Have Wood Chips Delivered?

Our wood chips have many advantages for homes and businesses:

  • They’re affordable
  • They stifle weeds
  • They regulate soil temperature
  • They can form compost material
  • They’re soft enough to walk on

Wood chips

We produce all of our own wood chips from the debarked insides of trees here at JK Enterprise. The inner parts tend to be cleaner and softer than the other parts of the tree.

Although wood chips can be utilized when building playgrounds, we highly recommend using wood chips to create pathways and tree circles as well. For example, an idea for putting our wood chips to use is by making a garden pathway! Wood chips are known to stifle weed growth, allowing you to create easy to maintain pathways that are very comfortable to walk on.

Wood chips can also be used when looking for lighter mulch with many of the same benefits as regular mulch. Wood chips serve as an essential supply of minerals for plants. They can balance the temperature and moisture retention of the region and prevent weeds from interfering. In addition, wood chips help your soil by being a great source of carbon. Wood chips can also be used as compost material for a carbon/brown layer.

Even more so, wood chips are visually appealing, especially when used in place of hardwood mulch. Having lighter, cleaner, and brighter mulch can make certain items, such as tree circles, extremely pleasant to look at.