Why Use Wood Fiber Playground Mulch?

November 1, 2021
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Keep your children’s play area safe with wood fiber playground mulch.  Engineered wood fiber is a popular playground mulch choice for playground surfacing projects with budget constraints. Engineered wood fiber is an economical playground surfacing used on nearly 80% of all playgrounds in the United States. Because of its high impact absorbing qualities, yet firm, slip resistant surface that, if properly installed, allows for wheelchairs and strollers to traverse across it. Less expensive products such as sand and pea gravel just aren’t accessible.

Engineered Wood Fiber Production

Engineered Wood Fiber is produced by shredding both virgin hardwoods and softwoods to a specific size, which allows it to nest together, producing a surface which meets or exceeds the guidelines for head impact attenuation. It is a safe and inexpensive choice for all playground surfacing needs.

Engineered Wood Fiber is a popular choice for playground surfacing, mainly because of it’s lower cost than traditional playground safety surfaces. Engineered Wood Fiber gives your playground a natural look. Once installed, Engineered Wood Fiber forms a knitted layer that provides a surface that is forgiving enough for cushion falls. Another advantage of Engineered Wood Fiber is that rain passes right through so kids can play right after it rains.

Benefits Of Engineered Wood Fiber

So now that you know a little bit more about what engineered wood fiber mulch is and where it comes from, you may be curious why you should choose it for your playground. Luckily, at JK Enterprise, we offer many different options for bedding for your playground and for countless other types of outdoor spaces. But we tend to think that engineered wood fiber mulch is one of the best options you can find. Here are a few of the reasons why:

If you are looking for mulch for a playground, your first concern is probably the safety of the children that will be playing on the playground. This is one of the reasons that engineered wood fiber mulch is a great choice: it is engineered to be especially soft and absorbent so that if someone like a playing child does happen to fall onto it, it will absorb much of the impact of their fall and they will be less likely to get hurt than they would be if they fell on a more dense or firm material. In fact, this is one of the reasons why engineered wood fiber mulch is one of the most popular options for playgrounds nation-wide: schools and cities prioritize safety, and that usually means choosing engineered wood fiber.

When it comes to safety, you will want to make sure that everyone who might be in and around your playground stays as safe as possible. This includes not just protecting kids, but also some other more vulnerable people. On this note, engineered wood fiber mulch is also one of the safest options for people with disabilities. Not all playground materials are accessible for people who may be wheelchair-bound or have other disabilities, but this isn’t something you have to worry about with engineered wood fiber. It meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and, if it is packed tightly enough, it can be navigated fairly easily by someone who uses a wheelchair or a walker.

Engineered wood fiber mulch is also preferable to some of its more synthetic alternatives because of its beautiful, attractive, earthy appearance. Most people choose not to use regular mulch in a playground because it’s too messy, difficult to install and maintain, and not always the safest option. On the other hand, opting for an expensive plastic or other synthetic playground material may meet your safety and cleanliness requirement, but often can be quite ugly and stand out too much in a school or home environment. In this sense, engineered wood fiber mulch is the perfect solution. It has all the safety and convenience benefits of synthetic options, while also being affordable and natural-looking like regular mulch.

Another advantage of engineered wood fiber is its low cost. There are all sorts of synthetic mulch-like materials that are fancy and sought-after, but don’t have any real clear advantages over engineered wood fiber. And unlike those fancy options, engineered wood fiber is extremely affordable, allowing you to buy more mulch and use a deeper layer than you would be able to use with a more expensive option.


We offer delivery of Wood Fiber Playground Mulch throughout Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. & Maryland. JK Enterprise Landscape Supply provides Commercial and Residential delivery throughout the DC metropolitan area for all of our products. The size of the truck used for delivery depends upon the quantity ordered. We can accommodate any quantity request, with some minimum requirements. Standard delivery quantity for mulches is usually in the 10-30 cubic yard range, delivered in a single axle or tri-axle dump truck. We can also deliver up to 85 cubic yards by tractor trailer or walking floors. Topsoil blends and heavier bulk aggregates are usually delivered in triple-axle dump trucks in 7-20 cubic yards or 7-20 ton loads.