Best Time To Lay Topsoil

March 14, 2013
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For many, a lush green lawn of your own represents the American dream come true. Like many dreams, however, reality doesn’t always stack up.

Although re-sodding is certainly one answer to a lackluster lawn, it can be overkill if your lawn is large, or merely thin and yellow-looking. In that case, the answer may be to reseed.


The success of seeding depends a great deal on the hospitableness of the conditions that you provide for the seed. Although most tutorials focus on the need to keep the seeds evenly moist (but not too wet!), we’re going to take a different tack — add some topsoil before you begin.

Topsoil is a great investment because it gives the seedling grass extremely healthy soil to sink its roots into. Oftentimes the reason your lawn is doing poorly in the first place is because the soil is not up to par.

Adding an inch, or even two, of dark rich topsoil before seeding will allow the new grass to dig in without having to immediately compete with the existing grass. In other words, you are setting your reseeding up for success.

When To Lay Topsoil

Topsoil, with its rich nutrients and attendant microbial biome, is quite expensive, and extremely prone to being leached out or washed away by any sort of weather until it is sufficiently anchored by the healthy root systems of plants.

Therefore, when you spread the topsoil, do not delay more than a day or two before seeding. Not only is the soil in danger of washing away in the first spring shower, but your existing lawn will grow effusively with the infusion of nutrients, negating the head start against the competition you had hoped to give your lawn seed.

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